Old People

“I love old people. They’re so cute.”

My 14 year old daughter has always had an affinity for old people. She loves the coordinated matching outfits that little old ladies wear – you know the pink pants with the pink top and flowered pink shirt over it and pink socks sort of thing.

She loves to see old couples holding hands. She loves their stories. When we have to make those dreaded late night Wal-Mart runs (don’t say it) she adores seeing the scruffy 40 year old single guy out with his old ma helping her with her shopping. They’ll be right out of “white trash central casting” to most folks but she loves to see them. It is sweet.

When your teen loves old people it shows a wisdom that is, well, I don’t even know how to describe it, except it is wonderful and magical and wise. It is a gift for everyone, young and old.

I was going to say more. I was going to give more examples of her words and actions, and that of other teens I know,  but what I just wrote says it all.

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman


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