Oh that I could write something deep and meaningful …

Oh that I could write something deep and meaningful and literary that would end up on the best seller list or on college reading lists, but most people wouldn’t read any of it because it would be too deep and meaningful and literary…

Read Martha Grimes’ Foul Matter – one of the most brilliant books every written.

I have deep things and deeper stories but it is so much easier to just write of every day life. Besides, deep meanings and angst are written by those much younger than I am.

I appreciate the humor of teens. I appreciate the way dogs don’t understand time and make me laugh. I appreciate the way my husband holds his hand out to take mine when I walk by him. I appreciate the way my kids do new things every single day.

What ifs are always looming in the background like werewolves, vampire hunters and ghosts. No wonder A Christmas Carol was so popular. We are all haunted by our own ghosts – even vampires (who do not live forever).

We make our choices with the tools we have. Sometimes we have crappy tools, but you know, we make it work.

If I knew back then what I know today I could have changed the course of time, but sometimes wisdom comes too later, but more often than not it comes exactly at the right time.