A Walk on the Beach

I love the beach and I love this post.

Céad Míle Fáilte





It’s a gray, foggy morning and a bit cool for the locals. There was a storm last night and a lingering wind still augmenting the force of the incoming tide.  He’d taken his morning coffee out to the bench on the beach and was quietly lost in the grandeur and the majesty of the towering waves as the surf crashed along the shoreline.  He hadn’t seen anyone out and about as it was a bit early for most.  She came up from behind him, balancing a magazine, beach towel, and a cup of coffee.

“Is there room for two on this bench?”  He nodded and moved over to make room. She continued, “I’ve been watching you come out here every morning for a week, curious of what you were watching or doing…, guess curiosity got the better of me this morning.  Hope you don’t mind my intrusion. …

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