Last night I dreamt I was Gaia, earth mother, and eldest grandson of mine.

Child and grandparent as one, the grass grows taller as I run from the mad hunger of a caretaker-

How could the adults do that?
As you overthrew your father, and now fear what is coming?

Oh god of harvest, of season’s change, the irony that you in particular do not pick up-

That the cycle will continue and the sickle will fall.



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I am honored to have shared this poem from my friend Adelia. She is currently a third year university student in Arizona.


~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman


2019 Nano Pablano Cheer Peppers. 

The Arranged Marriage

The Arranged Marriage

By Adelia Hoff

The young woman is dolled up –
an offering from one family to another.
She has never seen her husband-to-be,
but she loves the farmer’s son –
The boy who comes from far away
Whose hair is like gold and eyes are like jade.
Her mother says that this marriage will be honorable –
so the girl, bound by tradition, and her own sense
of right and wrong,
does not object.
But she hopes, secretly,
that the farmer’s boy,
with his strange language and talks of love,
will take her away.
This is not to be, though
Because this is not a fairy tale
And there is no happy ending.



I’m honored to feature work from 17 year old Adelia Hoff. I’ll be featuring more of her work in the near future.

Thank you Adelia.

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman

We destroy and help make screaming silence

Encourage your Middle School and High School aged kids, 
always, to express themselves, 
in poetry, words and art.

A poem from a young friend....

The World

The world
The beautiful disaster we are trapped in
We walk the world as a living death
We destroy and help make screaming silence
As wonderful as we are
This world we are destroying
With our safe guns,
Truly false, bitter sweetness
Upside down ways, violently peaceful,
Beautiful flaws we do it's never beenright
Maybe one day  the unborn children can make a change
Be yourself, fix the bad karma, live your life and fix things
as much as you can
Maybe one day it will all be better
Maybe long after you and me
But things can only get worse before they get better

Charlotte Kings Age 12 2012