Tiny Babes, Good Dogs, and Birthdays

Little Willie Sleeps

I believe this is the grave of little Willie Adams who died October 23, 1877, age 4 months, 22 days, in Sacramento, California. This little stone touched me so when we visited the cemetery in 2012 –  and I had no idea when I first saw the stone that the dear child died on this day (which is also my birthday).

It sends a shudder down my spine but at the same time fills my heart that this dear baby was so loved, and after 141 years not forgotten. He was just at that age when babies start to laugh and really see the world around them.

Sweet slumber little Willie. You were loved and I believe the love never dies.

October is an odd month with the Day of the Dead, Halloween, and so many birthdays.

I used to have a tank full of big beautiful fancy gold fish and on my birthday four years ago ALL of the fish died. I imagine they’ll be swimming around over my head on Halloween night.

That same October my Jasmine, the best dog ever crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. I wrote a lot about her and posted a lot of photos of her here. She had my heart and soul. Yes, despite what you hear, which is not true, Vampires do have souls. We have one for our hearts and one for our shadow. Jasmine grabbed the one for my cold unbeating heart.


Jasmine – Best Dog Ever

By the way, today is also Weird Al’s birthday. He turns 59. Happy Birthday Al. The first time I heard him was I believe in 1978. I thought “This guy is nuts. I love it.” Little did I know.

My name is Juliette Kings. I’m married to Theodore Kings (Teddy.) I live near Sacramento. I was born on October 23, 1859. I am a Vampire, but most of all I’m a mom. And of course an artist, a writer, and I hope a good friend.

So I bid you all goodnight and good morning, depending on when you read this. Hugs. Kisses. Happy Birthdays. And remember to hug your dogs, hug your cats and give them lots of under chin rubs, and talk to your kids.

And in this month of October, do not forget those we have lost and loved. Love never dies, even if you’re a Vampire or a dog.

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman


vlad v

I love you. Juliette drew this.




A Happy Dog – In Memory of Jasmine


When I left the room,

You would follow.

When I came home,

You would dance,

And sing,

So loud,

That the neighbors knew,

I was home.

You were sunshine,

You were the beauty of the full moon,

You were joy,

You were happiness,

You were love.

And most of all,

You were my dog.



I didn’t realize what a rough week this would be for me, even for an old Vampire. I celebrated my birthday a week ago today. Last Friday all of the fish in my aquarium died (another post, but maybe not), my own mother forgot it was my birthday, then I thought I was going to lose my dog. She’d had a stroke. But Jasmine stayed around until Monday morning. At twelve years old she was old for her mix. As friends said – she went over the rainbow bridge. It was fitting in a way, because we could see the Rainbow Bridge in Folsom, CA from the trail we frequently walked on.

I’ve lost my walking buddy. I’ve lost a sweet friend.

When people would ask me what kind of dog she was I’d say, “a happy dog.”

Jasmine came from the Sacramento County Animal Shelter (the pound) twelve years ago this month. We adopted a small eight week old pup, a white ball of fur covers in bits of tar. Someone had found her by the side of the road near the river.

Jasmine was smart. She didn’t need a leash because she’d never run away. The only time she would panic would be when she thought I was leaving her. She was protective of everyone in our family, including the cats. Everyone who met her loved her.

She made me laugh.

She was the best dog ever.

I love you Jasmine.


~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman