Short Story Sunday: Boys Will Be Boys


Adam had heard the stories about Luther.

When they were kids Luther would go out to the fields behind Grandma’s house and shoot anything that moved. It started with birds and rabbits. Then it moved on to cats. Luther had an almost gleeful vendetta to shoot any cat he was that wasn’t in somebody’s yard.

Luther’s parents (Adam’s aunt and uncle) just shrugged and said, “boys will be boys.” They figured that Luther wouldn’t grow up to be a sissy. When Adam told them he only shot animals with a camera they just laughed.

When Luther’s daughter was afraid of an excited terrier pup he told everyone he was going to shoot the dog. That would be after he kicked it, beat it, and refused to give it food for almost a week. Luther’s sister Belinda gave Luther an earful, called him an asshole, and took the dog. It was the second dog she’s rescued from Luther.

A few years later he starved a German Shepard. That dog was rescued by his cousin Janice.

He continued to shoot cats. His wife continued to post photos of their pets on social media. It was a different group of pets every other year. She talked of how sweet their fur babies were and how much she loved them. It sort of made Adam sick.

It reminded Adam of a strange creepy family that had rented the house next to his a few years back. The four children would look at him though cracks in the fence and say strange things.

One day the oldest, the only boy, whispered, “my sister is retarded, do you want to see her dance?” Then the child popped his head over the fence and yelled, “my sister is retarded, do you want to see her dance? My mom said you’re gay because you don’t have a family. Do you want to see our kittens?”

The parents knew the children loved kittens more than anything else. They let their cats have a littler of kittens, then they’d take the mother to the pound and keep the kittens. When the kittens started to look and act more like cats they would take them to the pound and keep one or two females to have more kittens. The sick cycle would continue.

One day Adam’s seven year old niece Aurora was visiting. The creepy children came to the fence and whispered mean things. Adam turned the hose on them. An hour later the mother of the children came over claiming that Aurora had said mean things about their special needs child. Adam called her a liar and an animal abuser and threatened to have them evicted. Luckily for Adam they were gone within a month for not paying their rent.

A nice couple with a beautiful well behaved, well loved dog moved in. They were the perfect neighbors. It turned out that they were con-artists. They’d call the County offices and file complaints against their landlord and then refuse to pay rent. It had been a pattern with them. With a little effort and a few code violations they never had to pay for lodging – never ever. Then they vanished and the landlords sold the house and Adam bought it and rented it out to friends.

Now twenty years later he was out of town for Aurora’s wedding, and the entire family was there. Aurora was hesitant about inviting Luther to the wedding, but his kids were sweet, and everybody liked his wife. Adam wondered what kind of woman would marry a man who abused animals.

At the reception Adam’s longtime girlfriend Brandy told him about Luther bragging about dumping a dog at the lake. He said everybody dumped dogs there. Then he’d laughed about it. The dog was worthless but at least he hadn’t shot it.

Adam had once asked Luther why he was so mean to animals. Luther said, “I hate cats. I don’t know why. They’re worthless. Dogs on the other hand need to know their place. If they scare my kids, or pee in the house I’m going to shoot their asses. They’re just dogs. It isn’t like they have souls.”

Luther’s girls liked puppies but only if they didn’t jump or nip like puppies tend to do.

Then Brandy looked up at the dusky sky and said, “Full moon tonight Adam.”

Adam kissed her, then went to get more wine.

“Look at the moon,” said Luther. Then he laughed. “Let’s go shoot some werewolves.”

The next morning, after the bride and groom had left for Hawaii, Luther’s wife said he was missing.

Luther was found in the woods behind Grandma’s old house. He’d been gutted by wild animals. The police said it looked like it might have been wild dogs, or maybe even a bear.

Adam and Brandy skipped the funeral and drove up the coast to his beach house. That night he lit a candle in memory of all of the cats and dogs who’d suffered abuse at the hand’s of humans.

He found Brandy in the bathroom gargling with salt water. “What’s the matter honey?” He asked her as he rubbed her back.

“I don’t know Adam. I just can’t get the bad taste out of my mouth.”

“I know the feeling well,” he said, then went to the kitchen and opened a bottle of wine. It was a nice full Zinfandel, guaranteed to mellow out the evening. He poured a glass for himself, and one for Brandy. Then he went outside and listened to the sound of the waves, and the light house horn, and tried to empty his mind, until the next full moon night.

~ End





Bullies and Jerks – Vampire Mom is not amused.

This year Janie is being picked on again by one of the stupid Bully Jerks.

When this Bully Jerk boy first started at their school back in 4th grade (they are now in 8th) he would tell everyone that they were going to Hell if they didn’t belong to his church. This was especially true for the Mormon kids (and being on the West Coast there are many), Jewish kids and especially those kids who don’t attend church most of the time and don’t even think of religion on a regular basis.

Now he is part of a group of boys who shrug and grunt and think they are “all that”. Their chief form of entertainment is in judging others and spreading bad karma (for themselves).

So religion aside and politics and whatever – this kid was a jerk. He was picking on Janie because he thinks she is “goth” and “emo” by the way she dresses. So what? Why does he even care? She already has naturally black hair and pale skin and she dresses in a unique way. But not that unique because her favored color is black and favorite store is Hot Topic (all the kids like that store). I think she looks cute and she is a DARLING girl full of life and spunk.

I’m proud of Janie for taking a stand against the Bully Jerk.

I am also proud of my daughter and her friends for telling the Bully Jerk to BACK OFF. He doesn’t even know Jamie. The kids laid into him hard. I don’t know if they got through to him but I hope they did .

One of the best things you can do for your child is to tell her to STAND UP for those who have quiet voices. STAND UP for those who are different. STAND UP for those who are bullied. STAND UP for their friends.

I wonder what they (the Bully Jerks) are learning at home to be so self-assured in their beliefs. As far as I’m concerned they are one step from being modern day Nazis. If they don’t go that far they are growing up to be hateful bigots. I’ve met those smug self serving people with their vile black hearts. They leave a bitter taste in my mouth and I’m inclined to give them nightmares if I ever have to come into close contact with them.

But for every boy like this there are many more who are not.

I am not a religious person but my friends of many faiths inspire me.
If you are going to bash Mormons, Catholics, Atheists, Jews, Holy Rollers, Republicans, Democrats, artists, historians, scientists, Goths, old people, teens, and large general groups then you are bashing most of my friends and family. – STOP IT.

And back to FAITH: For most people faith is deeply personal but they know how to separate it from their social lives, school and work. Most people are reasonable but it is the few who are not who are assholes and ruin it for everyone. CUT IT OUT.

I swear I think Vampires DO need to be more involved in the petty narrow-minded lives of many regular humans. We’d show them what it is to be different. Jerk Offs.