No matter where you are, you’re somewhere.

I find myself frequently returning to the theme “You might not be where you wanted to be, but maybe you’re where you should be.”

Yes, I’m the first to admit that I do not believe in the whole predestination school of thought. The first time I heard about it was in a Presbyterian church while my brother Val and I were hidden in the rafters ease dropping, something we frequently did when we were children. My brother took it seriously for about 5 minutes. I didn’t make any sense to me at all. I couldn’t see our existence as one huge “Damned if we do, damned if we don’t” ordeal. It just didn’t make any sense. I was a child who lived by the rule of free will. I was also, and still am, a rule follower which shouldn’t make any sense but that is another blog post.

Anyway, early on I also started to get my romantic streak. That was a good thing and a bad thing. I saw the world as a big romantic adventure. Not so much romance with a man, but the notion that there was beauty in everything and the world was bound to just keep getting better. I knew I’d grow up to live a life surrounded by roses and parties and lovely times because THAT was my destiny.

I’d spend hours looking at books with beautiful pictures and reading lovely fairy stories. But at the same time I was drawn to anything to do with disasters, ghosts, murders and ghoulish things of all sorts (go figure.)

When I grew up things changed. The lovely order of the rose gardens and adventures hiding out in places my brothers and I shouldn’t have been, turned over to real life. There were a lot of adventures both good and bad. There were dangerous and foolish adventures. Nobody had ever told me of the disappointments and heart-break and frustration of the adult world. I flew through life until… all the frustrating weirdness led to my husband and that led to my kids. Now it seems like everything is all falling into place. I feel as if this was meant to be. Of course in all of the alternate and parallel universe places I also frequent it could have been different. I think of that a lot too. OK not that much, but when I write i have to get ideas from somewhere. Why not get them from my own dusty brain drawers?

So no matter where you are, you’re somewhere. When I was a child I knew I could be anywhere. I’m finally realizing that I was right.

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman


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Additional information: Along these lines I found myself answering to a writing prompt on The Matticus Kingdom (a blog you should follow). As usual I wrote about a man who found himself not with the woman he imagined being with but with the woman he should have been with (and it was a good thing.) I keep doing that when I write. Life it like that. So is fiction. Go figure.

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This post was inspired by a prompt. Then again, everything is kind of a prompt – the prompt of life… HA HA HA



Art, love and the romantic soul

The closest I get to a true religious experience is when I’m in the presence of art.

Recently while at the De Young Museum in San Francisco for the Girl with the Pearl Earring Exhibit my daughter smiled and asked “are you going to have a religious experience today?”

My answer was “yes I am.” And I did.

I can explain the wonder and awe and feeling of being so complete and one with the universe when I’m in the presence of art. It is time travel for the soul. It is the essence of being. It was something that transports.  It is like a high that no drug can match. It is magic.

There is something romantic about most art as well, or at least the art I’m attracted to, be if figural, landscape, modern or ancient.


Teresa of Avila (a favorite among my people)

Teresa of Avila (a favorite among my people)

One of my favorite artists is François Pascal Simon, Baron Gérard (March 12, 1770 – January 11, 1837)

This isn’t going to be an essay on art history or a biography today because I have little time and an even smaller attention span. I’m just going to chat about imagery, romance and life.

Of course many teenage girls and other romantics know Francois Gerard for his painting of Cupid and Psyche.

Cupid and Psyche

Cupid and Psyche

Cupid fell in love with a girl named Psyche. Miss Psyche never had much luck at love because she as so beautiful that men were intimidated by her. I believe she was just over protected and socially awkward, but whatever the case…She was a beautiful princess (or maybe not but they always have be princesses in stories), almost as pretty as Cupid, and it was love at first sight.

Venus, who was Cupid’s mom was pissed. How dare her son fall in love with someone who was as beautiful as Cupid. What a bitch. I would never get pissed off if my son married someone who was prettier than I am (or not as pretty as I am.) The whole body image thing is nothing new folks – or general cattiness among some members of the female population. Anyway…

Cupid and Psyche have an affair that is even secret to her until she accidentally burns him with candle wax and he gets pissed but then he gets over it (realizing he’d been a jerk). It is always something in relationships. So to make a long and silly story short, helped by Zephyr (the West Wind), Cupid eventually says “screw it” to his parents and marries Psyche. Nobody expected it to last but it did, for several thousand years. And they DID live happily ever after (and still do). The end.

For more on romantic notions with Greek Gods (and better written) read this story (Click here.)

So eventually we got the lovely and sweet painting Cupid and Psyche by Mr. Gerard.

He is famous for his beautiful portraits of women such as Empress Josephine and Madam Recamier.

Madame Recamier

Madame Recamier

My mother, who looks a bit like Madam Recamier, said she’d regretted the fact that  Francois Gerard had not painted her portrait when she had the chance.

GERARD_Francois_Jean_Baptist_Isabey_Miniaturist_With_His_DaughterOf all of his painting, or any paintings by any artist, my favorite is a self-portrait he made with his daughter. I can’t even describe how sweet it is. He is so handsome and the little girl is precious. And one has to wonder, is he so handsome BECAUSE he is with a child with obvious love and care? We all know that men who are good dads are always attractive!

Which brings me to my own husband.

When I pass him he always puts a hand on my waist or back. He takes my hand when we walk or sit anywhere. We don’t even have to talk, but we do talk. We talk a lot – all the time. We never run out of things to talk about. We’ve been together for a long time and have our banter down to an art. It delights most and some find it extremely annoying, but it is what we do. And a lot of that conversation/banter is about art.

 Handsome man

I mean, how cool is it to be married to a man who likes to sit around in the evenings and talk about art? It is very cool.

So aside from Cupid and Psyche I do love the portraits of Mr. Gerard. The subjects seem so relaxed and at ease with themselves. They are beautiful and comfortable.

My brother Val asked my mom about that. Actually, he asked her about the clothing.

“Hey mom, wasn’t it hard to go from wearing hardly anything to jump into the Industrial age with industrial strength corsets and thirty thousand layers of clothing.”

“Not really.” That was her answer. She didn’t feel it necessary to explain as she has always been a fashion leader among Vampires (and regular humans.)

Desiree_ClaryVal has always had his list of women in paintings he’d love to have passionate affairs with. He is truly in love with art and the fantasy of “what if.” In the meantime, he is never seems to judge women by their looks. He sees beauty in all of them, or so he tells me.  And yes, I do believe him.

Val always says “love isn’t a physical thing. It is a meeting of souls. Be it friendship or romantic lovers, it is something we can write about and dream about, but we can never truly explain or define it.”

I believe the same goes for art as well. For like all good Vampires I believe in love and art and the magic of being what you are and who you are – true to your own heart, soul and passions.


~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman