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Pandemic ABC’s

A is for asshole who won’t wear a mask. B is for baking at home because it makes the house smell good and it is a comfort. C is for cat. We’re at home more and our cats have strong opinions about that. C… Continue Reading “Pandemic ABC’s”

Short Story Sunday: Food Supply

“I don’t care what they do but they start to mess with the food supply it pisses me off.” I listened as my friend Howard ranted about people who don’t wear masks and believe in conspiracy theories. We have friends who believe they can… Continue Reading “Short Story Sunday: Food Supply”


“Did you ever go to Ancient Egypt?” “No, I didn’t. I guess I should have. The generals going to Britain requested that I go there with them as a form of protection or some sort of nonsense. I didn’t want to go. Not really.… Continue Reading “Masks”

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