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Don’t ask me…Vampire Fun and Games

My phone made a meowing sound. That’s my brother Aaron’s ringtone. “Hello,” I said. I wondered what he wanted. “Juliette, how’s it going?” “I’m not crawling under any houses or going into any basements for you.” “Why would you say that?” “Because whenever you… Continue Reading “Don’t ask me…Vampire Fun and Games”

Post Script to a Cat (very dark matter)

Right after I’d posted my last blog post about Dark Matter I stood to close the sliding glass door behind me. On the deck were several small bones with small teeth. I picked them up and immediately knew who they belonged to. I ran… Continue Reading “Post Script to a Cat (very dark matter)”

Weird Days

Redefinition I’ve thought about that word a lot lately. This morning I was going to walk the dog down for coffee, not for the dog, but for me. I usually use my lovely little red French Press… anyway, you don’t care about that. I… Continue Reading “Weird Days”

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