Summer’s Solstice

IN Summer’s Solstice we pause & breathe . . .
recalling the thunder toil of Spring’s release
ordinary becomes the divine
 we suck the marrow in every step
reach for something fine , , ,
Nectar sweet lies under skin taunt & ripe
indigo plum with a sparrow’s bite
in ego’s surrender
don’t look down – only imagine the tender
touch . .
we hold, we ponder
plums & gamma rays
a hand, a heart
… a story
the the cost to stay
In Summer’s Solstice
we pause & breathe . . .
awaiting thunder
tucked under verdant leaves
change, hope
taste the wonder of the plum
all of love’s fragility . .

More from Susie Bertie.


~ Juliette


Wondering “Where am I? Where is the blood and vampire darkness?” What does this have to do with Vampire moms and the like? Click here. With darkness comes light. Without our spirits we might as well go back into our coffins (and of course most of us don’t sleep in coffins. That is sooooo 18th century).


  1. I hope to share more of her work in the future. It is truly beautiful the way Susie uses words to create visions and emotions. Thanks for coming by.

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