Winter Wonderland in Red, Orange and Purple

There is something magical about the first light of dawn, especially in the winter.

It doesn’t snow where I live, and if it does snow the flakes fall for a few minutes and only stay on the ground for an hour or two. A few years ago the kids were so excited because the school ground was covered with white. They’ll both be out of college before they see that again. We can see the mountains in the distance blanked with snow. A 45 minute drive and we could build a snowman and name him Parson Brown.

But winter brings another magic and beauty. The oak trees are like black lace against the rainbow light of dawn. Birds take flight – geese, ducks, gulls, doves, tiny song birds – the variety is endless. Deer and coyote walk along the edge of the neighborhood and drink from the lake.

It is the time when the dog walkers come out with coffee cups in hand.

For me the dawn isn’t a time for sleeping, it is a time for beauty and quiet time and reflection on a new day. I know, that sound like so much sentimental goo, but it’s true. Even a skeptical old heart like mine is still swept away by the first light of dawn and the crisp cold winter air.

I’m hard wired to be a nocturnal creature but I’ve embraced the dawn. Living as modern Vampires (yes, this is musing of a Vampire Mom) we have come to embrace the light and the comforts of life with the other creatures we share this world with, those of both night and day.

Happy Holidays and yes, today isn’t the end (it’s 12-21-12), the photo I took this morning with my phone at the end of my street shows that it is just the beginning.

~ Juliette

Dawn on the lake

5 thoughts on “Winter Wonderland in Red, Orange and Purple

  1. Hi J.
    Morning here was gray above and white below
    Everything was covered in an inch of snow.

    That white stuff isn’t all it’s cracked up to be (unless you’re a skier) That pic is a really beautiful sunrise though.

  2. I have nominated you for the Blog Of The Year Award 2012. I hope you will accept. But there is no obligation, other than to enjoy the nomination! Well done! Please come and see your nomination on my blog!

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