Don’t Panic… they grow up but that’s ok


Summer is in full force, which means the temperature is in the triple digits, the air is full of smoke from fires and everyone is trying to keep their wits about them. Sounds like Hell. It isn’t. It is Northern California and there is a drought so I expect it to be a long smoky summer.

This isn’t anything new.

What is new is that my 18 year old Garrett is getting ready for college. I don’t even want to say that. It is both exciting and scary. Exciting for him. Scary for me.

We’ve talked a lot, mostly just chatted about college and life outside of here, our house, our community.

Today we were sitting over herbal iced tea and the air conditioner turned up to full blast. Yes, we’re Vampires so you’d think we’d be under the house sleeping, but we don’t stick to traditional schedules. Besides it is summer. We’re just chilling.

I handed him a box.

He opened it carefully then started to laugh when he saw what was inside. It was a beach towel with the worlds “Don’t Panic” on it.

“There’s more in there.” I told him.

He picked up an object wrapped in white tissue paper.

“It’s your own copy.”

“I love you mom,” he said holding is own copy of Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy.”

I handed him another box. It was a copy of Fanny Farmer’s Cookbook. I know what you’re thinking. Vampires. Why a cookbook? Because sometimes we do make “real food.” We’re pretty creative about it. And the most important reason is that if you go to college and you can cook then it is to your advantage.

Everyone loves to come back to the dorm or apartment after a long day and find out your roomie has a hot bowl of soup waiting for you. A nice aromatic bowl of goodness to take away the stress of hours of studying, the brain numbing organic chemistry and biophysics lectures, the weird classmates and cold feet from walking miles and miles across campus because you have a flat tire on your bike.

Plus, if you can cook everyone else cleans up. Good deal.

Garrett will be sharing a dorm room with his friend Randy (also a Vampire) but they’ll eventually have roommates who are Regular Humans. It is good for them to live with those who are different (but keep the rule to NEVER prey on your roommates.) We talk a bit about that but mostly about a shopping list for Target to get a few much needed dorm room items. Even guys want their room to look good.

The calico cat rubbed against his leg and sang her her little meow song. Garrett picked her up and gave her a kiss on her head. “I’ll miss the cats. I will really miss the cats.”

I knew he would. We talked more about life and school. My words of wisdom were few – just don’t leave love notes and poetry around for others to find. He does that at home. The is especially important about anything that is turned in to a professor.

The rest of the time we just talked and laughed. And listened. Just listened to my sweet boy who had suddenly grown into a man.


~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman


vm man of the future


  1. Such a sweet post! It made me think of when I was getting ready to leave for college a few years ago, it’s such a magic time that you never really understand or appreciate until it’s over. 😀

  2. Don’t you wish you could get them soaking wet and throw them in the dryer and shrink them back a few years…? That ain’t reality though, is it? Hugs.

  3. I just love this post. Since I don’t have any children I can only imagine how this must feel. But I like the post anyway!

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