The Vampire Vote (We Vote – We Care)

This is from last year but the message still rings true…

Vampire Maman

I feel like it gets out of hand. Obviously our elected officials are not doing their jobs. Oh, right, I live in California so that is a given. A long standing tradition where the state motto Eureka does not stand for “I found my brain”. Maybe we need to bring in some Zombies – they know how to find brains.

From Wikipedia: In California, a ballot proposition is a proposed law that is submitted to the electorate for approval in a direct vote (or plebiscite). It may take the form of a constitutional amendment or an ordinary statute. A ballot proposition may be proposed by the State Legislature or by a petition signed by members of the public under the initiative system. In California a vote on a measure referred to voters by the legislature is a mandatory referendum; a vote to veto a law that has already…

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