What my teen and I are talking about today … school testing and politics

What we’re talking about on the way to school: school testing, role models, politics and other important stuff.

The impending 2016 presidential election has come and slapped us full force in the face like springtime allergies. And this isn’t just for adults. Teenagers have a lot of opinions. These are not always their parent’s opinions either – yes, those teenage brains are working (no matter what most parents think.)

Nobody named Clinton or Bush will get my vote. That was from my fifteen year old daughter. She isn’t going to be voting (duh) but she has a good point.

Also from my teen:

  • Who the Hell would name their kid Jeb?
  • Hillary is not a good role model. She stayed with her husband after he cheated on her. I would have burned all of his stuff and left. She only stayed with him for her political career. She hasn’t driven a car since 1996. She has no idea how the average American lives. 
  • All teens hate Michelle Obama because she took all the good food out of the schools.
  • Michelle Obama dresses better than most women in politics. She isn’t frumpy. 
  • Michelle Obama can give “the look.” You know that look of disgust. She gave it to that old fart in Saudi Arabia. She wanted to go to France so she was already pissed. I’d vote for her. She should run for president just because of “the look”. Nobody would cross her. But I think she is done with politics. I bet she can’t wait to get out of the white house. 

I noticed that the teens never talk about the Obama girls. They are just kids who live in the White House and take a lot of trips with their mom. It isn’t like the days when Amy Carter was running around like a wild ferrel child or the Roosevelt children (Teddy) were hauling live animals through the oval office. White House children are kept for the most part from the public eye – as well it should be. That said, most teens I know would love to be invited for a sleep-over at the White House.

Today the juniors and sophomores have more testing. The juniors are testing in English and math. The sophomores are taking science tests. Clara said she feels sorry for the juniors because they have these tests, plus the SAT and ACT tests and a few more.

I mentioned that the test results would just go into another database that will be looked at by people who haven’t been in a classroom since they graduated from high school twenty-five years ago. The data will sit and suck up money. But nobody will ever talk to the students or teachers and ask them what they think of education.

I can see how much my child is learning this year. She is learning A LOT. Her teachers ROCK. I am in awe. Hats off to the sophomore level teachers at Bella Vista High School.

So I said out loud, “Nobody talks to the teachers or students.”

“Exactly,” says my child. Then she said the tests were just made to prove everyone wasn’t stupid or sleeping.

The politicians don’t listen to teachers or students or parents. So rather than spending money for books and science supplies and the arts for kids let’s spend all the money on MORE STUDIES. Hell, while we’re at it lets give all the countless administrators who never talk to teachers, students or parents another raise. Let’s keep teacher pay down so they’ll quit the profession to find other jobs that pay more.

I’ve always felt that Middle School is a big mistake. That is where kids go on a free for all. They are too young to be on their own. The schools are usually too large. They learn every vice in the book and then some. In two years they become completely disengaged from wanting to learn then are spit out into high school. Some kids recover from Middle School but some never do. They’re lost. There again, Middle School teachers need to be allowed to have control over their own classrooms. Throw the administrators overboard and give the teachers control.

We also discussed in the whole religion in school issue. NO. NO. NO. If you want religion in school then send your kid to a private church school. I have my spiritual side but I don’t want it in school. The school population is too diverse. The kids are allowed to meet with their religious groups during breaks and at lunch on their own time. That is enough. So just shut the Efron up about it and get back to your standardized testing.

And you don’t have to be super religious to be a good person. Some of the worst people in the universe claim to live a religious life. F them. They give a lot of good people a bad name. Yes, you know who you are. You’re an asshole. I just had to say that.

Then our conversation went to the sister of a friend who had brain surgery yesterday. She had to drop out of her college classes. She’ll be fine (they didn’t even have to shave her head – good news), but it is incredibly scary for her and her parents. They’re all doing fine but… it is scary. Life is so random and unpredictable.

As I stopped the car at the school a beautiful girl walked by. It was Krazy Kitty. She is pretty and friendly and dresses well – but don’t cross her or she’ll slam your head into the pavement. And you thought Vampires were scary.

There will be a lot of talk in school about the Junior Prom that happened over the weekend. They’ll laugh over silly jokes and funny things they’ll do. They’ll be teens. For the most part that is a good thing. A really good thing.

When you’re a teen you can explore and discover the world in ways that are off-limits once you become an adult. Anything IS possible. Believe me, there is a lot more laughter than there is angst.

I truly believe that the generation of kids who are teens RIGHT NOW will change the world – for the better. 

So that is what we’re talking about today. And remember to talk with your kids. Discuss ideas. Keep your mind open. Let them express themselves. Maybe you’ll learn something.


~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman


Teenage Jungle



7 thoughts on “What my teen and I are talking about today … school testing and politics

  1. OMG, J !!!!! Religion, Politics, and Education…, all on the same page. I was wondering why no one ventured a comment. Hell ! …..lLI’ll give it a go. If you’re in political office right now you should be summarily fired ! Religion is something that you, as an individual, believe in, and it’s nobody else’s business. Education…, I guess that’s where you happen to be living. Some places have great schools with discipline and wonderful teachers. In others it’s the scene of a social riot and no one learns anything but how to lie, cheat, steal, and hurt other people. There, all that said, I feel better ! Bet you didn’t know that you were pushing my buttons, did you? Hope you’re having a great Monday !!! 🙂

  2. Awesome post, Juliette! I love that we have daughters the same age/school level. So much of what you just posted it so true. However, I’ll have to ask my daughter about her opinion of Hilary and Michelle, lol!


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