Girl in the Woods: A Change of Plans (Serial Novel #11)

2016 Serial Novel. A regular Friday feature on Vampire Maman. I wrote this tall tale when I was up at strange hours with an infant. I haven’t look at it for years, but finally decided to pull out this epic romantic adventure and share it with anyone with the patience to read it. Hope you find it interesting and entertaining. Start from the beginning if you haven’t read any of it yet (link below.)

Girl in the Woods is loosely based on the old princess and the pea story, but it goes beyond a simple fairy tale. It is a story about a quest for perfection, or more the rejection of perfection the reality sets in. Because we all know there is no perfections, especially when it comes to love.

It is a fairy tale with a prince and a princess. But the main character is the President of an international technology company who just happens to be a wizard, and just happens to be enchanted. It is mostly about a circle of friends. As adults living their own lives, they are still connected.

In 2016 I’ll post more each week. For parts 1-10 CLICK HERE.


Part 11: A Change of Plans

After most of the guest had left the party Candi had asked to stay but Alexander insisted she go. She’d begged and pouted. Finally her friend Blake convinced her that it would be better if she left. Alexander had kissed her and told her that he’d see her in the morning, maybe for late coffee and scones. After she’d gone he pulled the earring with the green stone out of his pocket.

Who was she? He’d find out, hopefully sooner than later.


After the party Candi had a plan. Alexander wouldn’t let her stay the night so she had to find another way to get him to love her.

Candi had to get a love potion to make Alexander love her unconditionally RIGHT NOW. Asking one of her mother’s wizards would be too risky and anyway, she didn’t have enough time.

Chief Detective Darious Crow was one of the foremost experts on love potions and enchantments of the heart. He would have something. She knew he had his office in the Royal Guard headquarters, but she’d also learned he kept a library at the Palace. He might have some other treasures stashed there waiting for her to borrow.

Candi’s sister had taught her how to pick locks. Patience said it was the only way to check up on a dishonest husband or find out what their mother was up to.

She got to Crow’s library without being seen. The door was easy to unlock. Opening it slowly she went in. Moonlight shone through the window. She took her small light and looked at the bottles in a cabinet. She looked at the books. There were thousands of them, half in unknown languages. She stamped her foot as tears welled in her eyes. It was all too much to deal with.

On the desk a lamp burned low. She turned it up. Sitting before her was an easy to read book open to a page about enchantments and spells of love. She’d found exactly what she was looking for right on the table. She’d get Cora to help her get through it and then maybe her friend, Blake, her wizard at home in the Lavender Forest could help. Blake would do anything for her.

She let her eyes go out of focus and thought of Dare at the party. He’d been so unwizardly as he mingled with the other guests, all relaxed and ready to party. Alexander told her that Dare had turned off his magic, his abilities to read minds and events for the night. She’d never seen a man so well dressed, so polite, yet, so dangerous, even more dangerous than Logan. Dare wasn’t as good looking as Prince Alexander, not by far, but he was attractive in an unconventional way that made her uncomfortable and excited at the same time.

“Truth or Dare.” She giggled aloud making a joke to herself. Could she dare herself to hit on Dare Crow? The thought made her tingle all over.

As she started to take the papers she heard a noise across the room. A light came on by a large chair. There was the unsmiling Dare sitting, watching her.

“Did you find what you were looking for Princess?” He asked in a low voice.

“I need a potion or spell to make Alexander love me. Please, Dare, you have to help me.”

“Love potions and enchantments are extremely dangerous, not to mention illegal.”

Putting down the book she went over to the wizard, still in his chair. “Look at me. I’m perfect and beautiful and lovely and everything any sane man would desire. I’m a Real Princess. Why doesn’t he love me?”

“I can’t answer that. Go back to your rooms Princess.”

Princess Candi was spun. High on dragon breath and black dust she’d taken after the party. She stared at the man sitting in the chair before her. His jacket was off, his sleeves rolled up, the top buttons of his shirt were undone, displaying chest hair and a promise of a well built body. His pants fit like a glove showing off his long lean legs and more promises. Glancing at the ring of a master wizard on his right ring finger she noticed his attractive long fingered hands. Those were hands she wanted on her bare skin.

Practically crawling into his lap she whispered “Rumor on the street is you’re hung like a wild stallion. I want to ride you hard all night.” She was breathing hard, her chest heaved up and down. A strand of golden hair fell loose from her tiara.

Candi moved her perfect pink mouth on his, but he grabbed her chin before she could get a lock on him. Quickly putting his hand on her forehead he set a spell so she’d forget this episode and forget about any ideas of enchantments or potions. For the next 24 hours she’d forget also any desire she had for him, or anything she’d heard about his infamous reputation with women.

Inside her head was an unused wasteland of an empty mind. What a pity. She had so much talent and beauty but no character whatsoever. She was so naive, child like and so self-centered that he wondered if any one person or event could change her. She was certainly too immature to make a change on her own.

He looked into her beautiful empty eyes with disgust. She actually would have ridden him all night if he’d let her. Unfortunately he wasn’t the first man, aside from Alexander, she’d propositioned since her arrival in The Capitol. Dare knew he wouldn’t be the last before she entered into the loveless marriage that loomed in her future.

Before letting go he went a little deeper into Candi’s memories. There was little of consequence. She was just like dozens of other privileged sheltered little sluts, but this one just happened to be a musical genius that had squandered her God given talents, and she was a Real Princess.

“Go to your room dear Princess and don’t wake until late morning” he told her gently. She staggered out of his office and down the hallway. He wasn’t about to escort her off and be seen with her this time of night.

Built like a stallion. He smiled in spite of the disgust he felt for Princess Candi. This was the first time he’d heard that particular description of himself. It was true that he was sought out for his extraordinary skills at pleasing a woman, and his total lack of commitment. Women used him, but he didn’t care. He got what he wanted in exchange.

Dare had told Logan he’d stop by later, that is if Logan was still up. It was already 2 am. Locking up, manually and by magic, he walked out the back to stable for his horse. The clear night sky showed a million stars. Double moons hung in crescents. In the morning he’d find out what Graham was blackmailing Miranda with. He’d find out what Addie wanted him to talk about. Then he’d pack up and leave town to wrap up an investigation then finally spend a well earned three months off work at his beach front cottage in Aurora Lake.

His mind wandered to Denese. Who the hell had enchanted her and why? The questions ate away from him. He’d stopped wondering who might break her spell. He didn’t care who broke the enchantment, as long as the son of a bitch showed up and broke it soon. As long as Denese lived in her own private hell, Darious would live in his. She’d been enchanted three weeks before their wedding date. Tonight was the third anniversary of her enchantment. Within a few days she had broken off their engagement leaving him heartbroken. Living in his own self-imposed hell, it was the one case he couldn’t solve.

As he led his horse out of the stable the head of Palace security came up to him. This time of night it was usually bad news. What had already turned into a bad night was about to get worse.


Annie enjoyed early morning tea with her dogs in the Universal Technologies townhouse. The small table overlooked a tidy flower garden. The first crocus and hyacinth were starting to show purple and yellow flowers.

Two of the King’s men were at the door telling Annie that she must come with them to the Royal household immediately. They wouldn’t tell her what it was about except that there was an emergency. She was to meet with the Queen.

She quickly dressed in something appropriate. A full dark blue and gray skirt with fern patterns on the fabric that Olivia had given her. It was matched with a fitted gray velveteen jacket with blue trim and 20 tiny silver buttons. Underneath was a simple white shirt with a touch of lace at the collars. A silver pin in the delicate shape of a dragonfly was fastened to the lapel of her jacket. It was one of her father’s creations. Her pale blonde hair was sleek and straight with a simple silver barrette on each side.

She was brought through the early morning drizzle in one of the royal carriages. At the door she was greeted by Lori, the famous Lori the Queen’s personal assistant.

“Prince Logan has been badly injured “.

“What happened?”

“He had a bad fall from his horse last night.”

Lori led Annie through a series of hallways and stairs to the private quarters of the royal palace.

Annie was amazed at the opulence and beauty of the place. It was like an art museum. Along the walls was art by the countries best artist past and present.

Lori led Annie to a large bedchamber. There was a massive four poster. The lights were low. Standing by the foot of the bed was the Queen. Annie was taken aback by her beauty. Jasper the Royal Wizard was standing by the window.

“Come in” said Hyacinth holding out her hand to Annie. “Don’t feel the need to be formal. We’re just family in this room. Not royalty”. Annie could hear the soft lilt of the Queen’s Crystal Mountain accent. She took Annie’s hand and led her to the bed. “Logan, Annie Hawthorn is here” she whispered softly to her younger brother.

It was a shock to Annie seeing Logan lying half way propped up on a mass of pillows. His damp hair hung in dark ringlets around his face. Bruises were developing on the left side of his face. A cut was stitched over his eyebrow. His left arm was bandaged and in a sling. He opened one eye, then another.

“There you are,” he whispered “come sit by me” he patted the right side of the bed with his good hand”. The Queen gave Annie a nod of approval.

Annie sat on the edge of the bed. Tears welled up in her eyes.

“Don’t cry sweet Annie” Logan whispered as he took her hand and put it to his lips. “My arm is broken in five places and my fingers were crushed. That’s the worst of it, so far at least. I’ll be fine, but I can’t make the trip to the River Conference with Justin Snowhawk.” He stopped and coughed.

“Dear Logan.” Whispered Annie. “Don’t worry about the trip. We can cancel everything for later.”

“No need to change plans on my account. Prince Alexander will be going in my place. I need you to help with the arrangements with Universal, with Justin Snowhawk. Simon too. Don’t forget Simon.”

“It is as good as done Logan. Anything you need, just ask”. She knew Simon no doubt was already one it.

“There’s something else Annie, that you need to know” said Jasper “Logan didn’t just fall off of a horse. He was attacked.”

Annie suddenly felt a foreboding as she looked up at the wizard Jasper.

Then Logan told her what happened “I was on my way home from Alexander’s. My horse started to become skittish. Very unlike Darcy. She’s a military trained horse. Something tugged at my cape, hard like someone was riding next to me. I turned around and nothing was there, then Darcy reared and I fell. I tried to get up and realized my arm was crushed. Then I saw them.” He closed his eyes and took a deep breath.

“Oh, Logan” whispered Annie.

Logan glanced at Jasper. Jasper gave a nod of approval.

“There were two of them, but I couldn’t see their faces” continued Logan “I tried to get up and one of them kicked me. I could feel my ribs being cracked. I fell back unable to get up. Then they hovered over me and I felt like I was being buried alive. I could feel the dirt falling on my face but I couldn’t move or even yell. There was a ball of yellow light and then everything went dark. When I woke up, I was here”.

“Logan said he’d invited you to Alexander’s party, as did Jeff, but you spent the evening with your mother. You and your brother had a birthday dinner for her at the Universal Technologies townhouse. Is that correct?” asked Jasper

“No, we were at my uncle’s bar.” she said, trying to fight back the tears. “We changed plans at the last minute.” Annie didn’t mention the brawl and her mother’s breakdown.

“Do you have any idea who attacked Logan?” asked Jasper gently.

“Not knowing why Logan was attacked I can’t even speculate,” said Annie.

“Logan tell Annie what the men who attacked you said,” said Jasper.

Logan took a painful breath and spoke. “They asked where you were. They wanted to know where the Hawthorn girl was. I said nothing and no amount of magic or beating could have pried it out of me my dear. They don’t know who they were dealing with.”

“Oh Logan,” said Annie.

Logan reached for her hand. “It could have been nothing. I have no idea what they wanted or they could have been afraid you might have been a witness to the attack since it was more or less common knowledge you’d been invited to the party.”

The Queen looked at Annie. “What would you know that would make someone attack Logan or you?”

“I can’t think of anything,” said Annie.

“What about your family Annie? Would any of them wish to harm Logan?” the Queen asked.

That stung Annie like a slap in her face. “They might be a little rough around the edges but they’re not criminals. My family is loyal to the King and his family. My kin might be uneducated and crude by the standards of the court, but they’re hardworking folk. They’re good people. They’d never do anything to harm Logan or any of your family.”

“Annie, what exactly is your relationship with Logan?” asked the Queen.

“I work with him as a liaison for Universal Technologies International. I’m the Vice President of Corporate Communications.”

Logan opened an eye and propped himself up more. “What my sister is asking is if you have a sexual relationship with me. The answer is no. Absolutely not. Ms Hawthorn has far too much integrity for that. ” Then with a sudden rage he lashed out at the queen “Why must you be so paranoid Hyacinth? Ever since Candi showed up you’ve put everybody on trial. I’m sorry you have to hand-pick a bride and force feed that bride to Alex, but what I do and who I do it to, I mean with, is none of your business. The customs that bind the life of my nephew don’t apply to me.”

“Enough Logan” said the Queen. “Yes, I will reword the question. Is there anything going on at Universal Technologies that might jeopardize Logan or yourself?”

“No, absolutely not. My queen, I stand by Universal, but I’m first and foremost your loyal subject. I would never be associated with anyone who would undermine my loyalty to you or endanger any of your family. As for my relationship with Logan,” Annie started to stammer, “I value his friendship, but I’m impervious to his other charms.”

Jasper laughed out loud then winced from the pain.

“Annie we’ll have escorts and guards at your parent’s home. I’ll also make sure someone from the guard escorts you home to Meadow Creek tomorrow. We can’t take any chances with your safety,” said the Queen.

Jasper added “We’ll have someone see you later today if we have any additional questions. We have detectives checking around for suspects”.

Logan requested some time alone with Annie. Queen Hyacinth reluctantly agreed.

“Now, dear Annie, you’ve seen the inner workings of my family. My sister is a bitch. Don’t look so shocked.”

“She is the queen Logan.”

“She is my sister. Nothing more.”

“Hyacinth is so beautiful Logan. I grew up idolizing her. She’s done so much for our country.”

“Like many refugees my sisters and I have embraced our new homeland with more passion than many who were born here. Hyacinth is overly sensitive about the situation with Alexander right now so she tends to take it out on me for some reason.”

Then Annie did the unthinkable and lightly kissed Logan’s lips. He pulled her close with his right arm and returned the kiss with a fiery passion. She started to pull back but gave in to him. She stepped back flushed and wanting more, but she backed away from the bed.

“So you’re impervious to my charms,” he said amused he took her hand and kissed it.

“Not bad for an old man,” Annie answered.

“As with our business, everything said here and done here this morning is strictly confidential.”

“Of course Logan.”

“So, I’ll see you at the River Conference. I’ll have Alexander see you about the arrangements. Also, see if you can find Justin for me and give him the word. We can’t seem to get through over the mountains this morning.”

“They’ve been having problems with the communications towers due to bad weather. Now, get some rest. I’ll be at my office or at my parent’s if you need anything.”


Kitti wondered what women saw in Dare Crow. It must be the good clothes or the excitement of being with a wizard of such high standing. He wasn’t anything special as far as she was concerned.

She’d had him followed that morning. He’d gone to the cathedral for a service, a fact that she found odd. She wouldn’t have taken him for a spiritual sort. Most men of his age and life style would have gone with an elderly Aunt or other assorted relatives, but he went alone. Three nights that week he’d entertained different women. All beautiful, well bred, well educated and well off. No attachments there. He had long dinners and then after dinner cocktails by the river with two of them. He spent the night at one but left early with a smile on his usually serious face.

He’d worked late on nights he was alone, like Alexander that’s all he seemed to do. What spare time, not spent with women, was usually alone or with Prince Logan.

In the three days since Alexander’s party, since Logan was attacked Dare Crow had spent all day and all evening at the castle watching over his friend or with the queen or Alexander. He was devoted to the Royal Family and fiercely protective.

But before all of this Dare and that Logan were such bastards when it came to women. They’d charm and seduce to their heart’s content. Kitti guessed she’d be doing the same if she’d been born a man, but she wasn’t a man so she could despise them for it. She despised a lot of things about Dare and Logan. They had Hyacinth wrapped around their little fingers. Come to think of it, they had everyone in the palace wrapped around their fingers. Logan with his charm and relaxed ease. Dare with his serious concern and reputation as one of the most powerful wizards known.

She didn’t bother to tell him. She knew he’d gone home early that day, a rare thing. Like Alexander the man was a workaholic. And considering his best friend was attacked.

Kitti had been told that Crow was exhausted after over 48 hours on the job. Not a rest since Alexander’s party, where the prince again, failed to propose to her daughter. It was supposed to be a party to announce his engagement. She was furious. She would get Crow on her side and use her influence to get him to “recommend” that Alexander marry Candi as soon as possible.

His manservant answered the door. No wizardry was used. It was opened by a hand and locked behind her by a hand.

Dare was casually, in a simple black pullover sweater over a black shirt, without a jacket, which surprised her. His hair was slightly unkept but it only made him look sexy in a way that some women found exciting. He still looked more put together than most men, even in formal attire, but his eyes were tired. Her eye was drawn to the golden stone in his Master Wizard ring. They all wore one. There were far too many wizards in this part of the world to make her comfortable with far too much control over things.

Dare looked puzzled to see her.

“I hope I haven’t come at an inconvenient time.” She asked not caring what the answer was.

“It is a pleasure to see you anytime Princess Kitti.”

He led her to a parlour off of the main hall. It was decorated stylishly. She could see an office or library to the side. No growling cats or giant dogs were lurking in the corners. A fire lit with no touch from his hands.

He motioned for her to sit. She took a place in a comfortable chair. He sat across from her on a couch.

“I’m sure you’re wondering what I’m doing here, but maybe not,” said Kitti.

“I’m not going to read your mind,” Dare said with a rare smile.

“Dare, may I call you Dare?”

“Of course.”

“I wanted to share something with you.” She took a small picture album out of her purse. Then she sat next to Dare on the couch.

Dare opened it carefully. There were pictures of a beautiful blonde girl and a dark haired boy, hand in hand. The boy was shown again with a woman who looked just like the girl.

There was another picture of the boy and girl in a hug, smiles on their faces. A stunning dark haired girl was in another photo standing with her hand on the boy’s shoulder. And there was another of the tall blonde woman and a teenage girl.

“We were all so young. I thought everything was lost in the fire.” He touched the image of the tall woman.

“My mother was beautiful wasn’t she?”

“Everyone loved her.”

“My young sister always said you were her best friend.”

Dare’s eyes rested on the picture of the boy and blonde girl.

“How old were you?” Kitti asked.

“Eight, It was her ninth birthday. A month before the fire.”

“I was supposed to be there, but I was delayed,” said Kitti.

“You were here at the palace for Florien’s Ball,” said Dare.

Kitti smiled. “You said you wouldn’t read my mind.”

“I’m not. It’s common knowledge. You were in love with Florien. But you were barely 17, still a child.” He continued to look at the pictures.

“My sister was your first love Dare.”

He looked up at her saying nothing. She couldn’t read this man. Not a bit.

“She wrote a sweet little letter.” Kitti unfolded a piece of pale pink stationary.

Dare he is just a boy but he is as smart as any teenager. Mama says he’ll be handsome and a powerful wizard too. One day when I grow up I want to marry Dare. He is the best friend I have ever had and we shall be friends forever.

“My mother was right. You did grow up to be a handsome and powerful wizard. I’d kept track of your career but was afraid until now to meet you. The memories were always so painful.”

“I understand.”

“You’ve also had more than your share of tragedy.”

“It is no secret. Everyone knows my story Princess.”

“But you never use it to your advantage.”

“Why should I?”

“You’re a good man. I’ve taken up enough of your time.” Kitti stood up.

The storm raged outside. Hail was now pounding the roof.

Dare stood as well. “Kitti, please stay. You can’t take the horses out in the hail.”

“My men are waiting.”

“Let them wait. My staff will keep them comfortable. As I will do my best to keep you comfortable Princess Kitti.” For the first time he gave her a hint of a smile.

She felt the hair raise on the back of her neck. Did he plan on seducing her?

“I’ve done some research Kitti. The fire that killed your sister, mother, baby brother and step-father was arson but there were no clues as to who started it. Since the bodies were burned almost to ashes no wizards could get a reading off of them or find any lingering memories. I’ve searched over the years and found nothing. Whoever did it knew what he was doing. Only three bodies were found. It was assumed the fourth was burned to ashes but I’ve always had a lingering feeling that your sister is alive.”

“My sister would have contacted me,” said Kitti.

“Or she would have run to my grandfather’s cottage.”

Kitti scowled. “These have been stressful times Dare. While the public is celebrating the impending marriage of my daughter Candi and Prince Alexander, those in his inner circle are not all in agreement on the issue.”

“Alexander will go where his heart and his sense of duty takes him. He’ll do the right thing.”


Kitti asked Dare about his work. He spoke of travels to the Northern Wilderness and to the Southern Wastes. She marveled at his experience and ability to spin a tale. He wasn’t what she thought he would be. At one time he’d even let an elderly troll live out the last years of his life with him at his cottage in Aurora Lake.

She was charmed by this man who had seemed so cold. Her plan had gone all wrong, but maybe she could use it her advantage.

Kitti wondered if she could comfort him in his many losses, make that connection as a sister, a friend or better yet a lover. He wasn’t her type but she’d heard rumors of his hard body and soft seductive touch.

“Doesn’t look like the storm will let up. Would you like anything. I can have some tea brought in. I’m going to have a glass of wine, would you care to join me?”



Kitti heard someone at the door. The manservant let someone in. Dare excused himself. She could hear a female voice from the hallway. The silly girl was babbling on and on about her trip across town in the hail.

“Sorry to just barge in. Logan asked me to drop off some things for you.” Then she started to cry, no sob. Dare put his arms around her and stroked the silky blonde head. He gave no words of comfort, only used his own healing powers to comfort her.

Kitti looked out at a stunning young woman who looked like she’d just walked off of the cover of Fashion Week. Her sources said he never brought lovers home.

“I’ve been worried about you Logan,” said the woman.

“I’m glad you’re here,” Crow said to her. “Come, I have someone for you to meet.”

Kitti was shocked at what she saw in front of her? What was she doing here? She was supposed to have been eliminated. It was like looking at a ghost.

Luckily Blake had put a spell on Kitti to prevent anyone, including Dare, from reading her mind.

“Princess Kitti, I’d like to introduce Annie Hawthorne,” said Dare.

“Delighted,” said Kitti. “I’m sorry but I have to go.” Then she called her men and faced the storm. She had work to do.


Alexander was trying to get his life back to something as normal as possible despite his busy schedule with Candi. Candi was a lovely girl and the most beautiful thing he’d ever seen, but he was getting tired of the courtship. He needed a break from the Princess but he needed to make it work.

Maybe if he went into the office more and had a little distance it would all fall into place.

He was trying that morning to do something worth while when Tom and Alexander’s cousin Graham barged in.

“I thought you were going riding with Candi this afternoon.” Said Graham thumbing through Alexander’s calendar.

“Andrew is taking her. He takes her riding every Tuesday and Thursday. What? I’m busy.” Alexander said impatiently, not appreciating the interruption.

“Busy. You’re so predictable.” Said Graham

“It’s two weeks today since your first date alone with Candi.” Said Tom

Graham smiled “Just like clockwork.”

“Only this time he can’t get rid of her so easily.” Tom said to Graham

“Oh come on, you well know I’ve got a lot going on.” Said Alexander losing patience with his staff

“Like what?” Demanded Graham

“Business with Logan,” said Alexander

“He always finds time to get laid.” Graham smirked

“There’s more to a relationship than getting laid.” Said Alexander losing patience with his cousin.

“Like what? Oh yes, I forgot, you have to be soul mates with a woman before you make love to her.”

“Just shut up Graham,” said Alexander

“I don’t know what’s wrong with you. Candi is a doll if you ask me.” Tom said

Graham had to smile. At least Tom approved.

Alexander scowled at his friends. “I never said anything was wrong with her. Princess Candi is perfect. Alright? Are you happy to hear me say it?”

They both knew he never took her home to his bed or taken her away for the weekend to any numerous romantic spots he’d frequented with women in the past. His time with her was mostly public. He gave the public apprence of being happy with her, but he rarely mentioned her in private.

“You don’t sound like a man in love,” said Tom a little more symphetically this time.

“I’m not in love,” said Alexander, wishing they’d just leave him alone.

“I didn’t love Jane when I married her. Now, I love her with a passion,” said Graham with a smile.

“You love her because she puts up with you and because you couldn’t have…” Alexander stopped short of saying the one thing he knew would hurt Graham the most. Graham couldn’t have Denese Tyler, the woman he really wanted.

“Because I couldn’t have what?” snapped Graham.

“Forget it. Jane is a saint and you’re lucky to have her.”

“Because of what? Say it.” Demanded Graham.

Tom’s eyes shot to the door. Dare Crow stood there.

“Are you ready?” Asked the tall lanky wizard who stood leaning against the door jam.

Alexander had no idea what Dare was talking about but he answered. “Let’s go.” He grabbed his coat. “Gentlemen, I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Alexander smiled at Dare. “You saved me again. Did you see the look on Graham’s face when you came in? He still hates you.”

“He’d like to see me dead.”

“What’s up?”

“I sensed you needed a break.”

“I need a three month break.”

“Then you shall have it.”

“Sure, when pigs fly and everyone gets bored of discussing my love life. Believe me when I say we’ll see pigs fly first.”

“Sooner than that. Logan and I feel you should take his place on the tour with Justin Snowhawk.”

“The King would never go for it,” said Alexander knowing his father wanted him to speed things up with Princess Candi.

“Your father acted favorably when approached. ”

“What about my mother?”

“She’ll accept whatever your father decides.”

“You don’t know her as well as I do.”

“I know her better than you do.”

“Maybe, but I’m her son, which to her means I’m her personal property.”

“Tom will be joining you as well. You’ll meet with the Universal Crew at Jake’s two weeks for the first leg of the trip. Misty Barnes said she was looking forward to seeing you again.”

Misty…there was a name from his past he didn’t know if he wanted to love or hate.

“Logan and Annie are spinning it as your last trip as a bachelor before your engagement and marriage. “

“What will it really be?”

“Exactly that. You’ll have fishing and excursions to ruins and hikes along with reconnecting to the people of the North Eastern region of the Kingdom.”

“Is this cleared with Justin Snowhawk?”

“We haven’t been able to get in contact with him. As far as we know he’s on his way already. Simon and Justin’s sister Olivia have cleared it.”

“Is she coming? Olivia Snowhawk that is?”

“You might meet her at Jake’s. I can’t get any information out of Simon on her schedule.”

“So I’m going? Really?”

“You’re going Alexander. This is just what you need.”


~ to be continued…















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  1. Okay. This was quite fascinating. I’m getting more and more into the story. But I have to admit, I’m a little disappointed that Candi is still there. I had secretly hoped Alexander had find a way today to finally get rid of her. She makes me goose bumps in her “perfection”…


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