A Public Service Message: Control Your F____ing Dog.

A Public Service Message: Control Your F____ing Dog.

Today, as I walked my five month old puppy in the park, on a leash, two large unleashed dogs ran up and attacked her.

Let me explain. My pup just turned five months old. She weighs forty pounds. She is a tall, almost solid black, German Shepard. But she is just a puppy.

Two dogs, a full grown Golden Retriever, and a black dog that looked like a Lab, ran around a  large fenced in Bocci Ball Court, to where we were watching squirrels. Yes, we were just standing by a tree watching squirrels. Then the Golden Retriever ran up and attacked my puppy. Yes, I had my pup on a short leash when the other dog jumped her. Of course my pup started to fight back. She is a German Shepard – a baby police dog. But no matter what breed my dog is, she was being attacked by an aggressive older dog. I yelled, and kicked, and screamed at the other dog. The beast wouldn’t stop. I told the kids to get away because I didn’t want anyone to get hurt.

Yes, I could have easily done great harm to the other dog. I could have easily killed it. Had there been blood I would have. I’m not kidding. I’m not going to have some asshole dog tear into my pup.

When the owner of the unleashed dogs came running up I gave him a few choice words. Yes, I dropped a big F bomb, and after scolding him for having unleashed dogs who attack puppies, I said “SHAME ON YOU.” The man said nothing. I’m sure I put the fear of God into him, and the fear of pissed off women with puppies.

I’m sure the owner was a nice guy – but seriously dude KEEP YOUR DOGS ON A LEASH.

My message for today is:

If you are at a crowded park, or a park with other people and dogs, or any public place with other people and dogs then KEEP YOUR DOG ON A LEASH. 

Or if you don’t understand the meaning of that how about KEEP YOUR FUCKING DOG ON A LEASH.


My pup adores the grown dogs on my street (except the nasty unsocial rescue Pit Bull with the embarrassed owner.) If a dog wants to play she won’t show aggression. But if another dog shows aggression of course she’ll fight back. And so will I.

I’m all for dogs. I love dogs. Dogs are great. But if you’re going to have a dog in public you have to keep it under control. You can’t have it attacking other dogs, chasing cats, or knocking down small children.

My old dog Jasmine was always aggressive around other dogs she didn’t know. So I NEVER let her go around other dogs in public. Come on folks, if I can be responsible with my dogs so can you.

I once had a 125 pound female Alaskan Malamute I adopted as a rescue dog. She LOVED all people and cats. She was aggressive towards ALL OTHER DOGS. I always kept her on a leash. I ALWAYS warned other dog owners to keep their dogs away from her. So what did owners of other dogs do? They insisted that their dog would love to play with mine. NO NO NO. What is it with stupid people who don’t believe me when I say “KEEP YOUR DOG AWAY.”

Keep your dog on a leash around other dogs. No matter how friendly you think your dog is, you never know how it is going to react around a new dog. Don’t be an asshole owner. LEASH YOUR DOG when other dogs or people are around. 

I don’t want my pup to learn that other dogs are assholes. So don’t be an asshole owner. Keep your dog under control.

Thank you.

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman


Alice at 5 months. She looks grown but she isn't.

Alice at 5 months. She looks grown but she isn’t.

14 thoughts on “A Public Service Message: Control Your F____ing Dog.

  1. People are always letting their dogs run off their leashes on the ditch bank and trail in the bosque behind our property, so when we are out on the ditch and in the bosque we run into a lot of loose dogs. Most of the time the dogs are friendly enough, but sometimes they decide to be aggressive, and the owners always act clueless — “Oh! Sugar Bear is so sweet, she’s never been aggressive before now!” they tell me while Sugar Bear is chomping on my leg. I say “Right! BS! Keep Sugar Bear on a leash or she is going to meet Smith & Wesson!” The really clueless dog owners say “Oh that’s nice!” The one’s who aren’t quite as dense, leash their dogs and make tracks.

  2. It’s always weird when people admit they’d hurt an animal. There’s an instant opinion formed by any pet lover that no circumstance (short of putting the animal out of its misery for its own sake) is there ever a good excuse — even in movies! I spent half my childhood in the country, and those folks need to realize you have to put an animal down in certain cases for the safety of people and other animals. No one likes to do it, but it’s necessary and it doesn’t make you a bad person.

    • If it comes to an out of control vicious dog or the safety of my child I will always choose my child. Luckily it has never happened and I pray it never does – not to me or anyone else I know. In the meantime I will feel free to drop F bombs at asshats who put other dogs, cats, and children in danger with their misbehaved animals.

    • Thank you for dropping by. Just makes me mad when people aren’t responsible for their dogs. It hurts everyone – including their dogs. I just chalk it up to ignorance.

  3. Nail hit squarely on head. If you’re going to have a pet, be responsible for it. Same as having kids. Leads, leashes, observation, boundaries, all are required. And if a parent or pet owner isn’t going to watch what their pet or kid is doing, then it’s more the fault of the parent/owner if the kid/pet gets hurt.

    • It is so easy to think small children and animals can run loose, but they don’t think like adults. Sigh. I remember when my kids were small what a death grip I had on the backs of their jackets and sweaters as they tried to run (into traffic or any kind of trouble they could find.) Dogs are the same way. Thanks for dropping by. I appreciate your comments.


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