Opinion: Loud and Clear (Parenting)

Over the past year, outside of this blog world of mine, I’ve felt attacked. I’ve felt marginalized. More specifically I have felt as thought my opinions don’t count. Right now I know a lot of people feel this way.

As I look back I’ve found that this feeling of being discounted is not a rare or isolated thing for me. I don’t remember a time when I didn’t feel like someone was going to attack me out of nowhere for my opinions, lifestyle, or just the fact that I exist.

That said, I will always tell my children that their opinions count. Their voices count. They have the right to be heard.

I’ve also tried to teach them – maybe tried is not the right word because I have been successful – I have taught them to be clear with their opinions. While I tend to use emotions and bad words (not always, but too often), my children use calm clear voices, with soundly based facts and logic. They use calm emotion that rings true and inspires those who listen. They speak eloquently and beyond their years.

Even if others do not agree with my kids, they DO listen to them.

I am proud of them for not being like me in that way. They know how to project their passions, and their opinions in a way that should make many out there feel afraid. And they will also make many feel inspired and safe.

That is a good thing.

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman

8 thoughts on “Opinion: Loud and Clear (Parenting)

  1. You are a woman, a state of being in which you are almost constantly marginalized. I hear you. It is very, very difficult not to take this marginalization personally.

    Be strong. 🙂

    • Sometimes, and I get your point. It pisses me off to no end, that women, especially in business places, are marginalized. Unfortunately is isn’t going to get better in light of the current hostile political environment.

      Since the election I’ve continuously had my opinions barfed all over and told to shut up. I refuse to shut up even if nobody is listening. But I have to say that the young people in my life are better prepared than I am for this situation and I will stand up for them no matter who throws shit their way.

      But that said, I’m also sort of different, and I don’t always fit. My world is different. Even my friends and family say, “we’re not like other people.” We’re not. And we don’t want to be.


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