Burning Question #53: Ghosts in Town


Hello and welcome to yet another exciting installment of Vampire Maman’s BURNING QUESTIONS.

As my regular readers know I have a love/hate hate/hate relationships with ghosts. I’ve written a lot about ghosts in the past. Most of you know Nigel, THE GHOST.

So let’s get to the point because I have places to go and people to see… when they’re (Ghosts) not hanging out bothering you, where do they live?

I’ve driven across the Western United States enough times to know there are plenty of Ghost Towns around. Ghost Town is the term used to describe an abandoned town. It is usually a place where the chief place of employment, like a mine, logging operation, or factory shut down. With no work everyone left. It can also be a place that is no longer safe to live in like Centralia or Love Canal.

When the living leave do the ghosts stay behind? When the ghosts are tired of us do they move to Ghost Towns? I know you stay up at night thinking about this so just answer the poll.

Burning Question #53: Do Ghosts Live in Ghost Towns?



In the meantime I’m going to start another French Press of coffee and see if Nigel shows up.  I haven’t seen him around for a while. I know he is out there… I hope, or maybe not. Yes, Ghosts love the smell of coffee.

Leave a comment. Discuss anything. Talk about Ghosts. Share YOUR experiences with Ghosts, or your favorite paranormal story.

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman




  1. For those who can’t stand people while they are living, I wonder if they’d rather live in ghost towns when they’re dead! On that note, maybe there are ghosts who take it upon themselves to drive humans out of certain areas so that other ghosts can come and live there. Homelessness issues, you know.

    1. If they can’t stand people while they’re living they sure won’t like being around other ghosts. I don’ know where they’d live, be it a shy introvert or someone who is just an asshole. I bet you’re right about ghosts driving people out of other areas. Ghosts are so annoying.

  2. The mermaid answer cracked me up! I was wondering how you’d sneak mermaids into the choices and you did it. Yes! 😆

    I do like the idea of mermaids living in underwater ghost towns. It’s a cool idea.

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