Pandemics and the Fragility of Life

Update: A few minutes after I posted the entry below I saw this. This is what I was trying to say, only it is all too real. It is all too tragic. It didn’t need to happen. It could have been prevented is all of the assholes didn’t make EVERY FUCKING THING political. If you only have time to read one thing READ THIS. Click on the link below.

Pandemics and the Fragility of Life (with Ancient Vampires)

This morning my brother Val and I drove out to the farm by the river to check the Elders Eleora and Tellias.  They’re rather fragile as are many old folks so we need to make sure they’re ok. They also don’t always answer their phone, and always forget to charge their cell phone, and never check their messages.

Most people think they’re a young couple of maybe college students living in the huge Victorian Mansion in the middle of a pear orchard, but they are far from that. They’re ancient Vampires who have lived over two thousand years. Seriously, they’re that old. Hang out with them for a while. They’re old.

They greeted us with a song we didn’t recognize (neither the tune or the language) and danced around us then shared hugs and kisses. We didn’t worry about masks because, well, we’re all Vampires here.

Eleora was in a holiday mood with a red skirt and a green and silver sweater with an orange scarf. Her hair was clipped up with a bunch of fall leaves. She proclaimed that she was wearing both Thanksgiving and Christmas colors. Tellias wore black tuxedo pants, yellow flip flops, a purple and green Hawaiian shirt and an old white tuxedo jacket with tails that didn’t match the pants.

In the large kitchen they poured goblets of Poet’s blood and we caught up on all of the family news. 

“There have been many bad things to take out the warm blooded people,” Eleora said in an unexpected moment of serious clarity.

“So many pandemics,” said Tellias.

“It is a wonder any of them are still alive. Everything makes them sick,” said Eleora.

“Everything,” said Tellias.

Eleora wrinkled up her nose. “Everything. They used to be so extremely dirty. When one of them was turned into a Vampire it would even be more disgusting.”

“The fifth caused them to be sick. That is one of the main reasons we never turned anyone who had bad personal hygiene. We knew the value of cleanliness. It isn’t next to godliness, it is just common sense,” said Tellias.

“Oh the ones who let blood drip from their chins. They were beyond disgusting and downright embarrassing.”

“They didn’t last long, did they my dear?”

“Not long at all. They’d just vanish,” said Eleora.

“Vanish,” said Tellias.

“Poof,” said Eleora opening her fingers in the air and wiggling them around in a poofing motion.

Tellias smiled. “Just like that. Poof.”

Val and I just smiled. We knew what “poof” meant.

Tellias gave both of us a serious look. “When was the last time either one of you turned anyone into a Vampire?” 

Val glanced at me but didn’t speak first.

“It has been a while,” I said. 

“Eleora and I have noticed that during bad times, so many want to become Vampires. They have no idea what that even entails,” said Tellias.

“Most of them die,” said Eleora. “If they’re sick, well, I wouldn’t even try.”

“It isn’t a cure, just a quicker death.”

My brother and I already knew that all too well. 

Tellias sat down and mentioned for the rest of to do the same. “What is so sad is that, as always, the rulers, politicians, or whatever you want to call them do nothing but cause problems. They don’t care about their people. They just want to be in charge. On a selfish note I have always complained that they want to mess with our food supply. On a humanitarian note, because we are human, they are vile immoral creatures.”

He filled our glasses again then we let him continue. “Nobody in our government is doing anything for the doctors, nurses, and others working in the hospitals. These people are not only working with the dying, they are often the last ones there. Families and friends can’t say goodbye. The doctors and nurses are the last ones to give comfort and hear the last thoughts and watch as their souls go off alone.”

“So alone,” said Eleora.

“It is a hard burden to carry. Some say an honor, but it is a burden to the heart and to the soul. The damage… you can see it on their faces. You can hear it in their voices. If you stand next to them you can feel it.”

“You can feel it,” said Eleora.

“The deniers and those who insist on filling churches and going to parties and scream of their rights should be forced to see the doctors and nurses who hold those taking their last breaths. They should be forced to wrap up the bodies and take them away. They should be made to call the families. I have seen this all too often over the centuries. But now, there is no excuse. We aren’t living in the dirt, unable to read or write, or think for ourselves. People choose not to think for themselves.”

Val shook his head. “How fucked up is that?” 

“Extremely,” said Eleora. “I don’t think I have ever heard you use bad language in front of me before Val.”

“I believe you’re right my dear,” said Tellias.

“Sorry,” said Val.

“Don’t be,” said Eleora. “I might be old and silly but I have seen things that most people could never imagined.”

Over two thousand years worth of things we can’t imagineI thought.

Before we left I promised to bring my grown kids over before they left to go back to Southern California. Val told them he’d come back and stay for a few days. 

We’re Vampires, not Ghouls. We’re not politicians, or preachers, or anti-vaxxers. We want everyone to be healthy and live their best lives. 

So stay safe. Wear a mask. Hug your kids. Don’t be a dick. Be kind. And check in on those who might be alone or need extra help. Do the right thing. Think. Listen. Don’t expect miracles, but don’t add to the problems. 

Oh, by the way, December is almost here so come back for some feel good holiday cheer and Christmas related posts EVERY SINGLE DAY. Some are old favorites, but there will also be a lot of new posts for 2020.

See you soon,

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman 

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