Just Another School Shooting

The Covid pandemic is still going on, but we’ve made it our new normal and now everything is getting back to normal.

Unfortunately one of the horrifying things about “normal” is school shootings.

Today at least 18 children, maybe more, and one teacher are dead in Texas because an 18 year old man was able to get a gun and kill them. What the fuck? What the fuck?

He wanted to kill them. It doesn’t matter why. It happened. Nobody can bring those precious children back. Nobody. It didn’t happen for a reason. It wasn’t “God’s will.” It wasn’t meant to be. It was shit. Pure evil shit.

I am in tears. My heart breaks for the children, the teacher, the families, the community, and for all of us. This shouldn’t be happening.

I spoke with my daughter. We talked about active shooter drills when she was in elementary and high school. We talked of the fear. It brought me to tears.

My daughter was born in 1999. Twenty Three Years Ago. That was the year of the Columbine shootings. We all thought that was too horrifying to ever happen again. We were wrong.

Sandy Hook happened in 2012 the year I started writing this blog and sharing my parenting stories. Why am I still writing about this? Why?

All of us who are parents have heard our children tell us about lock down drills in case bad men come into the school to shoot them. Every kid knows what to do. Every parent and every teacher lives in fear.

Every politician and every member of the NRA celebrates guns more than they celebrate and treasure the lives of children, the lives of people going to the grocery store, or the lives of people having fun at a nightclub on a Saturday night.

We are at the point where the privacy of potential shooters and the lack of shared data bases MUST STOP. It has to stop.

I have no more words. I’ve been writing about this for ten years. Ten years. Look it up. Search my blog. Over and over and over. Nothing has changed. Nothing will change. People are horrible.

Talk to your children. Love and talk to them no matter how old they are. Thank every teacher you know. Every single one.

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman


  1. Watching from Europe. It’s horrible. I have no words and my heart is broken. The US government must do something to prevent future crimes such as this. How many more kids have to die before they do something?? So sorry for all the lives lost today.

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