Furry Tales (and Feathers, & Scales)

They come in all shapes and sizes, and we love each and every one.
The writers of WPaD have compiled a collection of pet-themed stories and poetry that ranges from heartwarming to fantastical to thrilling and chilling.
Get cozy, cuddle your furbabies, and enjoy a riveting read!

Now available for your reading pleasure. Click here for electronic version. Paperback to come soon.

Note: A few of my stories have been added that you might have seen before. This includes a few favorite Vlad’s Vampire Diary entries our editor thought would be a fun addition. Nobody can resist Vlad and his cats. That said, my stories are the least of the bunch. I am so impressed with this exceptionally talented and entertaining group of authors.
These authors include:
 Mandy White , Diana Garcia , Marla Todd J Harrison KempMichael Haberfelner , David Hunter , Debra Lamb , Dave HendersonHarpalyce Wilde  and more.

The beautiful cover design was created by Jason Kemp (J. Harrison Kemp)


We are Writers, Poets and Deviants, AKA WPaD.

We are an independent publishing group made up of writers who collaborate on thematic anthologies to raise funds for MS research.

We meet on the internet to share ideas and challenge ourselves to write in different genres. The stories and poetry we compose are compiled into books, which are sold to help raise funds in support of group members who live with MS.

All of the titles below can be purchased from Amazon, B&N and other find online book sellers in both electronic form and paperback.

Add all of these to your summer reading list.

Deviant Shadows: Tales of the ParAbnormal (Paranormal ~ published 2021)
Goin’ Extinct Too (apocalyptic ~ published in 2020)
Creepies 3 (horror ~ published in 2019)
Tinsel Tales 2 (holiday ~ published in 2018)
Weirder Tales (bizarre ~ published in 2018
Strange Adventures in a Deviant Universe (science fiction ~ published in 2017)
Creepies 2 (horror ~ published in 2015)
Goin’ Extinct (apocalyptic ~ published in 2014)
Tinsel Tales (holiday ~ published in 2013)
Dragons and Dreams (fantasy ~ published in 2013)
Passion’s Prisms (romance ~ published in 2013)
Creepies (horror ~ published in 2012)
Nocturnal Desires (erotica ~ published in 2012)

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman

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