Strong Women, Strong Choices. Art, Respect, and Passion.

Today I got choked up on a Zoom talk/meeting talking about art. I feel so silly, but it was about art, and my kids, and art that shows women as strong mothers, artists, educators, and leaders. With the current political environment we forget, or most people don’t know that women all over the world are holding up societies as farmers, workers, mothers, teachers, and as the strength that bind us all together.

The word “Mother” means more than a woman who births a child, or raises a child. Mother is not only the one who gives, sustains, and nurtures life, but she is the one who encourages, watches, manages, pushes, and endures.

Teach your children to be strong. Teach your daughters that they should never put up with bull shit and that they should never take second place. Teach your sons to be strong and not put up with bull shit and that they should never take second place. Teach your children to respect everyone equally no matter what their DNA is. The only way we can ever get ahead, be happy, and be productive is if we are all treated equally and with respect.

Everyone should be able to make their own choices, over their bodies, their thoughts, their occupations, their education, and their passions.

Traditions have their place, but not when those traditions repress and hold people back from being who they really are, and progressing, and being different, and doing what they love, and marrying who they love.

Traditions can be toxic, and when that happens they are no longer traditions but repressive prisons. Just because something is called a “culture” does not mean it is good.

So many traditions repress women. And when women are repressed, men are also repressed. Yes, many traditions repress men who love and respect women.

Just because a religion spouts hate and repression does not mean it is right or God’s word. I’ve always thought that if you are doing something that doesn’t hurt you or anyone else then it is not a sin. Clothing choices, food or drink choices, sexual choices, birth control choices, and reading choices, and art choices are NOT A SIN. Just fucking get over it. Sin doesn’t come from women, or periods, and women sure as hell weren’t made some some dude’s ribs.

Women are powerful.

Art is powerful.

Men who respect women are powerful.

Power is not force. Power is a force to do good in the world. Power is a force that encourages love, and respect, and creativity, and all that is good.

Those who use force are not powerful but weak and ignorant and insecure and hateful. Nobody has time for that. Nobody.

So with that all I have left to say is talk to your kids. Appreciate what they have to say to you. LISTEN TO THEM. Stay safe. Check in on those who are elderly, alone, or might need extra help. And kiss a Vampire (you’ll thank me for it later.

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman


  1. I agree dear Juliette. I believe in the Ojibwa way. Women run the family. Mothers and grandmothers are the teacher of the children. Thank you for sharing your amazing thoughts.

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