The Nest in My Christmas Tree is Empty and Stupid Musings from Vampire Maman

There won’t be any kids in my house until Christmas Eve. Not my kids. Not any kids. Even my cats are old. My dog turns seven on Christmas Day (Happy Birthday Alice.)

Due to work and other things it has been quiet. I usually take my now grown children out to visit book stores, have museum days, see home spun concerts at the Capitol under the rotunda, and other things like that. This year I’ll go to the used bookstore by myself. I’ll be a the museum to view the Alexander McQueen show.

The museum visit is a given. I’m a docent. I’ll be learning about the show from the curator who put the show together. About 50 garments will be shown. I can’t wait. Still, after the morning run through…no kids.

My empty nest is full of squirrels, weird geriatric cats, a huge precious dog, and my darling husband. My husband is also missing all of the young people.

Yes, I’m sort of feeling sorry for myself. I shouldn’t.

I am so proud of my kids and of how well they’ve turned out. They’re independent, happy, and everything a parent could hope for. I can say good job Juliette and Teddy. I’ve been writing about parenting since 2012 and how we should all raise our children to be successful adults.

On Christmas Eve, my nephew, his wife, and their two year old will be here. I can’t wait. We’ve been visiting with friends. We’ve been in touch with everyone.

I’m fine. I am ok. At least I’m not totally confused all the time like Vlad.

I have a request from all of my readers. If you feel like something is missing this year, get out for a visit to the used bookstore. Visit the new book store. Take a walk. Go visit a historic place. Go to a museum. It doesn’t matter what kind of museum. My first choice is an art museum. If you don’t want to do that find something with history. If I had time I’d even go to the huge railroad museum, which is absolutely wonderful.

My second request is for you to check in on those who might be elderly, alone, or need extra help. PLEASE. Just a short visit or a phone call will make all the difference. Invite someone who is alone to come out to the bookstore with you. Also, check in on those who have lost love ones in 2022. The holidays are especially difficult when dealing with loss and grief. It can be brutal. Be there for those who have experienced loss.

Below are a few links to places I’m going, or might be going, over the next few days.

Beers Books

Crocker Art Museum

Capitol Park and the California State Capitol

California State Railroad Museum

Stay safe. Hug your dogs and cats, or whatever creatures are in your life. Talk to your kids no matter where they are. Tell them you love them and that you’re proud of them. Check in on those who are alone or need extra help. Get busy. Get out. Give hugs. And of course kiss a Vampire – you’ll thank me for it later.

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman


  1. Juliette is right! While we haven’t been cooped up in crypt for centuries like Vlad, these past few years do seem to have left some of us feeling confused. Pretend you’ve got out of town visitors and instead, grab a neighbor and visit those local sites you never go see.

    In Las Vegas, land of glitter and neon, mobsters and atomic testing, despite what non-locals think, we have a few museums.

    Atom bombs:

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