America’s Got Talent YouTube Show Falls Short But Ends on a Big HIGH!

The YouTube video portion of the America’s Got Talent for 2012 was, well, a bit lame. No it was a whole lot lame. The kids were groaning. Teddy was astounded by the amount of CRAP.

We DID like the guy with the cute parrot (the first act) and we did like the darling girl who sang country music (nice outfit) named Bria Kelly.

But what knocked our Vampire socks off was a gothic dancing group called Academy of Villains. They were original, creative, professional and major fun. WOW. You MUST see them. I’d pay to see them.

This is a crappy video so forward to 1.30 minutes to see an amazing show.

Yes – there is hope for this contest.

~ Have fun and we’ll chat about the results tomorrow. Gotta go to bed now. We have work AND it is the first day of school tomorrow!!!


Update: We’re watching tonight for the results but aside from the Academy of Villains it is a total and complete crap shoot. I guess as long as the stupid snake-in-a can guy or the air guitar guy don’t make it I’ll be fine with it. What choice do we have? Not a lot! I guess that’s what makes this silly show fun.  

~ Juliette