Short Story Sunday: Desert Sky

Martha put a lawn chair in front of the motor home and looked into the night sky. Sometimes the desert would get freezing at night, but tonight it was almost warm. A million stars showed in the sky above her. She’d heard stories of alien sightings in the desert. It was always the desert where they were sighted in the sky, or crashed. When they crashed nobody ever saw them again.

She wondered about the odd pale skinned creatures with long fingers, tiny mouths, and huge eyes. Maybe the huge eyes came from living on a dark planet, or living underground for eons.

It was weird how they never wore clothes. It was weird how they were shown as naked when in every science fiction movie and series, from Star Trek, to X-files, to Firefly, to Star Wars, to Gardians of the Galaxy, everyone always wore clothes.

The only time she remembered seeing a naked man in a movie in the desert was in The Hangover. It was in the desert, in Las Vegas. A naked guy jumped out of the trunk of a car. He wasn’t an alien.

Sam and Ian came out of the motor home with chairs and a small cooler. Sam handed Martha a beer. The thanked him, then they all sat and looked at the stars.

“Do you think there is anyone else out there? There has to be. We can’t be here all alone,” said Martha.

“I think we’re alone here. But I don’t think we’re alone in the universe or even this galaxy,” said Sam.

Martha glanced at her companions. Sam was tall, blonde and handsome as a man could be. Sam fit into any group with his tan skin, dark hair, and dazzling smile. Martha was typical of women in her hometown. She was pretty but not too pretty with plain brown hair that hung to her shoulders in a slight flip.

“I’m kind of homesick, but the people around here are nice. I think we should move back to the house in San Francisco in a few days, or maybe by that place we were looking at in Santa Cruze, you know by the beach. I could hang out there for a while.”

“We could start a family,” said Sam. Ian looked at Martha with a hopeful, and sort of sad smile.

“There is an Air Force base near Las Vegas. Maybe we should go over there and just give ourselves up.”

“Or maybe we should move to Santa Cruz,” said Ian.

“We’re never going home,” said Martha wiping a tear from her eyes.

“No love, we’re stuck on this planet. It’s not a bad place. We fit in. Let’s just make the best of it.”

Martha looked into the faces of her companions. I guess with their combined love they could pull through on this strange planet called Earth. She got another beer out of the cooler, popped the top, and too a long drink out of it.

“Sure guys, Santa Cruz sounds great,” she said. The she looked back to the sky and watched for something, anything familiar.

~ end




Cats, Coyotes and Clips

The coyote was back last night yipping and howling behind my house. I think it wants some nearby chickens but I can’t tell.

I can read the hearts and souls of humans but I can’t read coyotes. Nobody can read a coyote.

Someone once told me that beings from another planet system, a system with 4 inhabited planets (imagine that) visited Earth (our Earth) 8,000 years ago. They found a calm place of peace and harmony. When the came back recently they found humans had been taken over by creatures with the motto Control All Traterrestrials. Those were CATS

First of all that isn’t true. I don’t think aliens from other planets visit us these days (the Vampires would know about it). We’re a beautiful blue ball but once you get here, aside from the cats it can look pretty bad. We live in a weird place – due to the human population and NOT the cats. Don’t blame it on the cats. For centuries people blamed things on the cats.

Cats are responsible for the barf stains on the carpet, the scratched up chairs and… well that is about it. They’re usually pretty cute and darling little shits.

But unlike their coyote friends, cats were smart. They found a good gig with humans. They’re like trophy wives. Their job is to be cute and they get everything they want. They sleep all day, they eat when they want, they don’t have to work, they get petted all the time, they think you’re crazy if you don’t love them.

And hey, speaking of aliens, did you hear that Area 51 is real? I knew that. We all knew that. And of course the whole alien thing was a bunch of hooey. Click here from a clip about it. But there are coyotes there, in area 51.

Then there is Area Z where the Zombies are kept. Thank goodness there isn’t an Area V (Vampire) or I’d have to call out both the cats and coyotes and a lot more… maybe some aliens.

This bit of haphazard random thoughts was brought by a challenge that said “think of a bunch of words then pick three and write”. Since Random is my middle name (ok it is really Annette) I shared my random thought with you this morning. Now time to sleep or maybe coffee…

Oh one more thing. Coyotes are smart. So smart in fact that they DO live near people who have cats because cats are EASY DINNER. So if you live near coyotes (even in urban coyote areas) PLEASE keep your cats in at night.

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman

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