Vote TODAY – Everybody

On Tuesday June 5, 2018, I will be working as a Sacramento County Polling Clerk at one of the new voting centers. I’ll be in Orangevale so if you’re in my neck of the woods you might see me.

We are now in fire season here in Northern California. No big fires yet, but they’ll be here soon enough.

I was going to wax and wane poetically about fires that burn in our hearts with desire for love and freedom and dreams that others would take away. Think about how many times a child says she wants to be an artist or writer or doctor or historian or anything and someone says “that is too hard” or “you’ll fail.” How many times have people come up against all odds and had success. Think about that when you vote tomorrow. And you WILL vote (or I will lose all respect for you if you’re an American citizen.)

Anyway, a lot of people, including ALL women had someone before them fighting for that vote. But I won’t go on. The fires burn for education and knowledge. The fires burn for freedom to love. Vote for the fires that burn for the love of your children. Vote for the environment and water issues. Just vote for common sense.

Today you need to VOTE because all of the above. In other parts of the world (not my part of the world) people risk their lives for the right to vote. They die for it. People died for it here too.  So remember them and VOTE.

Plus remember… if you don’t vote you can’t complain about the results.

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman



Bed Bug, Bedbug, Freeze Out, Hardscrabble …teenage boys and love

School will start soon (high school) and for teens that means socializing and flirting and crushes and giggling and whispering with friends when “she” walks by (especially for my son and his friends.)

I’d posted the blog post below back in February 2013 but thought it was worth revisiting…




Bed Bug, Bedbug, Freeze Out, Hardscrabble,


Sea Maiden

Poseidon’s loyal helper

Sailor’s guardian angel

Violet beauty

I looked at the note on yellow lined paper written in black Sharpie that I found in the dryer. Fragments of the musings of a 16 year old boy.

The first line is names of a town not far from where we live, founded during the California gold rush. The rest of it is taken from Greek Mythology. I knew what it was.

It is Ione. His long time friend Ione. Once a funny little fair haired girl, now a leggy and shapely blonde of 16. She is also, like my son, a Vampire.

I unfolded the note more, crisp from the dryer and still warm.

I have known you forever

Since our time began

As babies

Then children of the night

As teens

Now growing into adulthood

Our hearts

Our minds

Our future

Am I to be with you?

My mythical love

My desire

My chance

A kiss from you

And I would be

Happy forever


So far, aside from the occasional glances at Vampire girls and life long friendships, he has never set his heart on one, especially not one in his tight-knit social circle of “The Vs” as they call themselves.

Ione is quiet and funny and smart. But don’t piss her off because she isn’t one to forgive or forget anything. She also sees herself in some mythical role as avenging angel, taking on the cause of the bullied, down trodden and anyone in her opinion who has been treated unjustly.

Most people see her sort of an exceptionally smart, brilliant dumb-blonde. Smart and goofy. Sort of like my son’s best friend Randy.

I was ready to pocket the note when Garrett came into the laundry room and said “Give me that.”

“I didn’t know you liked her that way,” I said.

“It isn’t what you think.”

“Did you write it for Randy?”

“No. Don’t’ say anything Mom. It isn’t anything.”

“OK.” I smiled.

And then he smiled the shy way 16 year old boys do.

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman



Parenting – think about it.

In three days we’ll be done with Middle School so now is the time to really think about teens. Summer is here and fall will be here in no time with all sorts of challenges. So we’re getting back to parenting basics.

Between the teens, work, my husband, watching the elders and everything else…there are times when I really wonder about this blog. Not just the blog but a lot of things, but I guess it all comes down to just going and going and going and not even thinking about stopping anything. Weird how things work out like that.

So I was talking to my friend Kelly who said something interesting about parenting. She said, and I quote “My parents were nice people. They trusted everyone. Doctors and other professionals could do no wrong because of their social standing and levels of education. Authority was never questioned. Consequently they ended up with some extremely angry and untrusting adult children. I mean, we’re all fine, but we’re so angry.”

There is a lot more to that story but you have to think of the consequences of your actions while you have kids in the house will have on your children when they are grown.

I’ve tried not to parent by accident. I think of things like how to make sure the kids are individuals and unique but not bully bait. OK I used to think about that until I found they made friends naturally and were far more outgoing than most kids, and a little more in tune with the “big picture”.  As you all know, I’ve never been one to over baby or encourage my kids to be over sensitive. They’re happy, funny and outgoing and yes, they’re sensitive but in a healthy way. It is good to be sensitive in a strong way.

My daughter said she has had it with sensitive boys who cry – the kind who would get eaten by squirrels if they were left alone in the backyard for five minutes. Seriously. The girl will break hearts. She is no-nonsense (maybe not always a good thing.) Our son writes love letters to every girl he has ever met but he won’t be eaten by squirrels. Your teen should be able to be expressive and loving and giving and sensitive – but please not so much that small woodland creatures will eat them alive. And not so much that other people will eat them alive.

And to get to the heart of the matter (and this blog POV) is that the same applies for Regular Humans, Vampires and Werewolf teens. They’re all just kids trying to make their way and they need our support and love and someone to talk to and go to for guidance.

And it isn’t all happy dance and perfection – there have been all sorts of stupid things we’ve (my husband and I) have had to deal with, but that is what we do. We deal with it. No sitting around uncomfortable wondering “how” to deal with it. We just deal with it with logic and sometimes we even raise our voices (yes we have.)

Yes, we have to deal with the 24/7 zombie like attraction to the smart phone. We have to deal with the selective hearing. We have to deal with music that might not all be good. We have to deal with clothing choices that we might not be 100% in agreement with. We still have to say “go to bed” and “GET UP NOW” in the mornings. We still have to say things like “don’t put your guitar in the middle of the hall or someone will trip over it and fall down the stairs.”

But at the end of the day our kids talk to us. They talk with us. They tell us what they’re doing, who they’re doing it with and what they think about it. We trust them and they respect us for it. Sure they’ll have their secrets but we aren’t going to pry unless we think they’re in danger.

Our kids still hugs us and hang all over us – and they’re teens. Wow. Teens. Don’t knock them unless you live with one. You never are too old or too cool for hugs or holding hands with…gasp…one of your parents.

I’m not saying our way of doing things would work for every kid or every family but it works for us.

So anyway, decide what works for you, your family and what doesn’t work and seriously think about it. Talk about it. Think about it. Seriously – because parenting is serious business.

Now, I’ll climb off my soapbox and wish everyone a great week.

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman