Short Story Sunday: The Time Travelers

Dear Readers, I spent the day at an Artistic Roller Skating meet and had other family stuff to do soooooo, I didn’t have time to write a story for today. Please enjoy this one from November 2013. ~ Juliette


The Time Travelers

Carefully opening the package, Theo discovered a formerly unknown packet of love letters between Thomas Jefferson and the wife of one of his best friends. Unknown to the modern world. Everyone back then had known, well almost everyone who knew the couple. They were just too polite to say anything.

The paper was still in good condition and the ink strong. “Very good,” he said to himself. Dealing in old documents and antiques could be tricky if you didn’t know what was real and what was not. He always knew what was real.

As he gently lifted the old letters back into the box there was a sudden flash of light and a beautiful woman in jeans and a sweater suddenly appeared before him.

“Theo? Darling, what are you doing here?” The woman seemed surprised to see him. Well damn, he was equally surprised. It was almost 3:00 a.m. and his shop was closed for the Thanksgiving holiday week.

He looked her up and down. Tall, pretty, sort of out of place. No, really out of place. “This is my place of business. Do I know you?”

“You’re… are you a time traveler too? You didn’t tell me? Did you get here on the Tardis?” She gave a little laugh like they were old buddies with an inside joke.

Theo was not amused. “What are you talking about? What is the Tardis?”

She rolled her eyes and smiled. “Dr. Who. His time machine. You know the 250th Anniversary.”

“Oh right. The 50th anniversary or something like that. I don’t watch it. Never did. You need to leave.”

She stepped towards him and smiled that dazzling smile of hers again. “How did you get here?”

Theo was not amused. “I’m sorry, I thought I made it clear that I’m no fan of Dr. Who. You need to go right now. I’ve had enough of your deranged game.”

She took another step forward. “Then how did you go from being in 2313 back to 2013? That’s three hundred years.”

“So I know you in the future?”

“We’re lovers. Don’t you remember?”

He didn’t remember. But it suddenly dawned on him where she had come from and why she was there. “I haven’t been there yet,” he quietly told her.

She wasn’t the first time traveler he’d run across in his 465 years, but this is the first time he’d encountered her.

“What is your name?” He asked her as he stepped closer.

“Laura. How could you not know?”

“This is as far as I’ve come my dear. I can’t travel to the future.”

She looked confused. “You’re in the past Theo.”

“My present. You don’t know do you? In the future we’re still hiding who we really are. Laura are we in a relationship of the heart or is it just a physical thing?”

Her eyes watered up. “Theo, don’t do this.”

“Laura, do you know what I am?”

“You’re the man I’m falling in love with.”

“I’m the man who will take what he needs and either leave you or kill you. My advice would be to change time and let me be.”

A tear rolled down her beautiful face. “No. How did you get here.”

“The question should be how did I get THERE. Laura.” He whispered her name and stepped closer. “I’m sorry it has to be this way.”

He kissed her than moved to her neck. He could taste unknown drugs of the future in her system, no doubt something to help with the effects of time travel or stress. He could read her memories of their affair. It was a strange time. Time Travelers always had memories that were confusing and somewhat ignorant. What they knew of the past was almost always based on fantasy and what they wanted it to be, not what it really had been.

Looking down on the sleeping woman, Theo thought that she must be intelligent to be part of a Time Travel program, but emotionally she was like a teenage girl all full of fluttery ideas and dreams of romance. He’d never fall in love with her. She wasn’t of his kind and she never would be.

Yawning, he looked at the clock to realize dawn was almost here. Time to sleep. “I’m the ultimate time traveler. A Vampire dear. I only go forward. Until we meet again.” Then he kissed her gently and left her alone to return to her own time and his future.


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Prelude of Demons

The following is a prelude for last Sunday’s A Change of Heart.



Last weekend I was at my brother Max’s home in the city, San Francisco. My husband Teddy and I were there. 15 year old Clara was at her grandparents who live within walking distance from Max.

Note: Halloween is almost here (along with my birthday) so I should be writing some laugh out loud posts. Thank you to everyone who IS writing funny things because I truly appreciate it. Thank goodness for those funny quilt blocks I posted earlier today. Anyway, it has been a long and busy and emotionally draining month… but we managed to take a break. Yes, even Modern Vampires like us need a break. We’re not disgusting blood sucking machines like in the movies. And please forgive any typographical errors or less than wonderful writing. I’m writing fast just to get this down before the idea escapes my head, like a ghost in the night.

Max, for those of you who don’t know, is one of those alpha Vampires who hunts Vampire Hunters, Rogue Vampires and all sorts of nasty evil and just plain annoying creatures and things that go bump in the night. He is a hunter and sometimes a killer – that said, he and his associates protect us all from things we shouldn’t need to deal with.

Max looked like Hell warmed over. He’d been out on a call and found himself up against a group of Demons. Yes, that kind of Demon – nasty and evil, no doubt straight from Hell and running rampant trying to cause problems anywhere it could.

Teddy still has the cold hard fear of Demons. That isn’t a bad thing. We don’t like them. They’re creatures that don’t derive from humanity but like goblins, have no problems pretending they derive from humans.

A long nasty deep pair of scratches ran across Max’s arm. There was no sign of healing on the ugly red marks. He’d been cornered and put up a fight before his back-up team arrived. The Demons were taken care of but not first without doing damage to Max and who knows who or what else.

Late into the night we talked over several bottles of wine and blood. Our brother Andy came by as well for a few hours to visit. Max was restless the entire night. Just before dawn we all retired to spend a rare day sleeping (Teddy and I live during the daylight due to school hours.)

I was awake before dusk. It was a beautiful clear day. From the back window I could see a panoramic view of the San Francisco Bay going out into the Pacific Ocean and the Golden Gate Bridge. No wonder Max loved living here so much.

In the kitchen making tea I discovered Max’s old friend Celeste. She was beautiful beyond compare, wearing nothing but a pair of black lace panties and a magnificent seal skin coat. That wasn’t unusual because Celeste is a Selkie. On the land she is a women and in the ocean a seal. I was and wasn’t surprised to find her there. Max says he won’t mingle with those who aren’t like him, but I know who his friends are. I have no problems with Celeste or her kind.

“He called me last night. Said he needed some distraction. You know how Max is. His brain just gets full or he gets bothered and doesn’t know what to do about it.”

You know, Juliette we’re just friends with benefits. I just fuck him and talk. Nothing else. You think I’d be crazy enough to fall in love with a Vampire? Not on your life. Just friends. Always just friends.

There is someone else, a Vampire girl he has a strange sort of bond with, but he doesn’t want any emotional entanglements with her. He was afraid she’d be too much for him, for his heart. I’ve never seen a guy try to logic and think his way out of falling in love like Max has this time.”

I saw a long burn along Celeste’s arm. “I brushed against Max’s arm where the demon scratched him. Damned if it didn’t burn me too. The salt water will heal it. But you need to check in on him. He’s in pretty bad shape. The Demons really got to him this time and not just physically. They really fucked with him big time,” she told me in her whiskey and silk voice.

I took her arm and looked at the burn. It was hot to the touch. I spit on my finger and rubbed it along the burn.

“It stopped hurting. Thanks,” she said with a smile full of sharp white teeth. It was a smile that she won’t show a Regular Human. I have to admit I was flattered.

After a bit more small talk she left and no doubt went back into the Pacific Ocean and turned back into a seal.

I went upstairs to Max’s room. He was asleep, curled in soft gray blankets wearing a black silk robe. I took his arm and looked at the deep scratches that had turned an angry blackish red.

He opened his eyes. The usual blue gray hazel had turned dark, almost a dull black. I could tell he wasn’t well.

“I saw Celeste. She is worried about you.”

He gave me a “join the club” look. He didn’t need to say it out loud.

Taking his arm, I put my hand over the poisoned gashes and saw the ugly face of the Demon who clawed him.

“Don’t little sister. You’ll get sick,” Max said.

Ignoring him pricked my finger with the tip of my fang and let a drop of blood fall on his wounds. I put my hand back on his arm and willed the poison away.

Yes, I did end up making it to the bathroom before I threw up and almost fell over from my head spinning, but I was fine after a few minutes (ok hours). The poison wasn’t meant for me so I was fine – bothered but fine. It could have stayed with Max for weeks or even months. It could have set him back into a spiral of depression and hopelessness that if not taken care of could have done permanent damage. Demons are like that. They’re horrible evil things.

I kissed his cold cheek and left my brother to sleep.

When someone you love is poisoned by Demons you need to help them get through it – no matter what kind of Demons. They do a lot of damage, but it can be fixed. Demons hate any kind of love or understanding and will poison us against it. So we fight them. And those like Max fight them so they can’t hurt anyone else.

Like I’ve said, when you’re a Modern Vampire everyday has the potential of being Halloween, but we do what we can do avoid it.

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman

Leaving Las Vegas – Vampire Style

lipsI went to a RAVE tonight. I usually don’t do this sort of thing. I used to, but now that I’m a responsible parent… I know it all sounds like BS and a lot of it is…BUT as I’ve explained before, sometimes a Vampire Chick has to do what a Vampire Chick has to do. Nasty business. Thank goodness for girlfriends – girlfriends are the best.

I’m not a “Rave” person. I don’t like the electronic music (as my daughter says “guys who dress up, slutty girls and electronic music that nobody knows the words to.”) or the noise and confusion. But on the other hand, if you’re a Vampire it is the proverbial “Free Lunch”. Except for tonight. Free Lunch will be a thing of the past for one Vampire we know.

So my lovely golden-haired friend Amelia, tall darkly blonde and beautiful tells me that “Don” the worst kind of sleazy, gold chain wearing, silk suited, player with pinky rings, asshole, violent, disgusting, womanizing Vampire is now back in Las Vegas. Sheesh. Both the enforcer Vampires AND the Vampire Hunters have been after this guy for ages.  And yes, they have even worked together to get rid of this slime ball who always seems to slip between their fingers.

Oh, right, you MAY consider this “Short Story Sunday” or you can just consider it a tall tale or THE HONEST AND COMPLETE TRUTH. It is your call. Do what makes you comfortable.

Anyway, Amelia is my soul mate sort of friend who lives in Las Vegas with her child and wonderful husband (they’re Vampires too). Click here for a little back story of this trip.

So night comes complete with a full moon over the Nevada desert and Amelia and I drop the kids off at the water park for some night-time fun. Then we go back to the house and change into our little black dresses, heels, full makeup and we’re ready for business.

“I hear Don has a twice the size of life statue of himself posing as David.” Amelia tells me this with a straight face.

Don is attractive despite the sleaze but this information almost makes me throw up a bit in my mouth. Yuck. Double yuck.

So we, Amelia and I head down the Las Vegas Strip to an exotic location where there is a RAVE going on. The guys will dress at this one, good suits, tux material, hot and tasty. The girls all dress like sluts including fluffy leg warmers and short short short plaid school girls skirts. They ALL dress like sluts. In fact, we’re the least slutty in our micro mini skin-tight black dresses and 6 inch heels. Hers are red. Mine are deep midnight blue with bows. I like bows.

The music is deafening even for Vampires. Yes, there are a few other Vampires here in this shoulder to shoulder crowd. There are a few just hanging with other Vampires, looking for love and dinner all in one. They love their dinner. Anyway, enough of bad jokes…there are a few local Vampires but they had no idea why we’re there. In fact, we don’t let on that we’re there. We’re on a mission.

We watch people dance and flirt. Amelia nudges me to look across the room. There he is, looking like some sort of overly handsome Italian model in his expensive suit with the collar just so and diamonds in his French cuffs. We go to this exquisite piece of human manliness and flank his sides then each one of us grabs and arm. He looks at us startled. My nails dig into his jacket. I don’t damage a thread of the expensive wool and silk blend but I draw blood. I can smell it and feel it seeping through the fabric. I can smell the panic on him. He can’t get away. His name is Alan and he is a Vampire Hunter.

We lead him to a dark corner where Amelia whispers “You need to listen to us.” Then she kisses his neck, which totally freaks him out, but he doesn’t show it.

I show him a bit of fang and hook my eyes on his. “Listen Alan, we’re on your side tonight. We’re here to help you find Don. We will do everything we can to help you get rid of him. Just him, not the other Vampires. They won’t harm anyone. Don harms everyone, regular human, Vampire, Werewolf – everyone.”

Alan says “Why should I trust you.”

I tell him “I’m Juliette,Maxwell Todd’s sister.” Max is my brother and a big bad Vampire and an “enforcer”. Max is a Vampire but he also hunts down bad Vampires. Sometimes, I’ve been known to help him out with rogue Vampires, among other things. “I can smell the fear on you Alan. Don’t be afraid. I know you have a job to do. I know you know Max. We’re here to help in whatever way we can. OK?”

“OK” said Alan, with a grim smile. He looked at my friend. “You must be Amelia. I’ve heard about you. You’re famous in these parts. I have to say I’m in awe.”

Amelia just smiled. “Come on lover boy, let’s catch us a Rogue Vampire.”

We make our way through the exceptionally trendy and wild crowd of 20 somethings. Our eyes look for the dark-haired, dark-eyed Vampire called Don. We spot him with a girl, a red-haired girl in a red dress and a bird of paradise inked on her shoulder. She is enchanted by the Vampire Don. She is in danger, big time. If Don doesn’t kill her he might make her one of his minions, a fate, yes a fate worse than death.

I take Alan’s hand and fold in three silver bullets and then bring it up to my lips and kiss his folded fist. “Alan, these are special. They can kill him if you get his heart or hit him through one of his eyes. Or you can cut his head off and burn his body. The choice is yours. I’ve sent you a message with a number you can reach me. If you need anything call me.”

“I owe you,” he said, “Both of you.”

“We’ll owe you too Vampire Hunter. But remember, if you ever go after us or any Vampire like us we’ll…”

“I understand,” said Alan. Then he did the unthinkable and kissed Amelia right on the mouth.

Yes, she did smile. “We’re done here.” She said, that as we watched Alan make his way through the crowd.

“Not bad for a regular human,” I said.

“His heart is in the right place. I just hope he knows what he is up against.”

“I think he knows. I do indeed think he knows.”

We made our way back through the crowd to the outside world. I looked at my watch. “Do you think we should go pick up the kids now?”

She smiled. “Good idea. And if we have time we can go on some of the big water slides.”

Good idea.

Tomorrow I head home, I will leave Las Vegas but I always leave a little piece of my heart behind. Thanks for all of your help and inspiration Amelia. We had a great time!

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman

Vampire Roadtrip

Vampire Roadtrip

Face Your Fears – in a refreshing sort of way…

I’ve had the pleasure to know a young woman who has a most unique way with words. It is play and poetry. It makes you think. It makes you think WTF? It makes you think “I like it! Wait, I love it”.

Welcome to a unique world of facing your phobias with Jamee.

12/ Fear gelotophobia BEING LAUGHED AT.

{(Improvised/ Non improvised)}

12a/To put back or establish again as in a former position or state a movie that is advertised to draw customer
PAST THE MOST DIFFICULT TIME CONSUMING, OR DANGEROUS PART OR PERIOD any place or object hallowed by its history or, associations because of prize money.

{(Registration of your choice.)}

To put back or establish again as in a former position or state Exclamation’s of delight or approval because of Money {(esp- paper money)} recovering property; titles; etc by virtue of superior LEGAL Title’s prominence; distinctiveness; or vividness, due to contrast.

{(put- out)}

Reinstated coming attraction over the hump shrine- from PEWTER.

Symptom of one’s SENSITIVITY.
{(Sometimes dumb is staying alive)}

Reinstated yowzer from cabbage EVICTING relief.

From Jamee:

“I can’t waste my time. I tell myself- Don’t ever say that again. An eyeball came out of the sun! Hero’s sit back sometimes, to concentrate on feeling large. I’m here: when asking, WHERE AM I? I’m not small. I can help when asking, where am I. Whether a reality or a fantasy. I can define good and bad times relating to fear, and spontaniousness. When an eyeball comes out of the sun. Here I am, Ratio Me Trying Vs Niave Me daring not to be objectified, but considerate. Its a state/ A choice.”


Symptom- THE PAST.
Follow your heart.

Reinstated mutable UNDER- JACKET preliminary.

Follow your brain.

Reinstated clay pigeon OZONE big- time.

The order of comfort.

To put back or establish again as in a former position or state changeable FOLDED PAPER, OR OPEN ENVELOPE CONTAINING AN OFFICIAL DOCUMENT preceding and leading up to the main part, matter, or business; introductory; preparatory.

Symptom- STRENGTH OF A MIND. The order of urgency.

To put back or establish again as in a former position or state a moving target for shooting CLEAN/ BRACING AIR AS FOUND AT THE SEASIDE the highest or most important level in any enterprise.

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Why Vampires Like Poetry