Quiet musings on parenting teens

Quiet Musings on parenting teens from Vampire Maman


His cold hand brushes my face,

He speaks quietly,

Assuring me that our children

Are not slipping away into the abyss

Called High School.


I spend the first 12 years encouraging,

Prompting them to fly,

Encouraging them to be independent,

And now I fear that they’ll fly too far.


We’ll always be close with them.

That will never change.

I still feel the slight tingle of doubt and fear.

Something more frightening to a mother,

Than any zombie attack or ghosts can bring.


We celebrate and dread that our children

Are growing up.



He puts his arms around me,

I can hear the faint slow beat of his heart,

We speak of how we love,

We speak of our children,

Of passion, of life and love and longing,

Of our fears and hopes and joys of our efforts,

And the wonders we’ve created.

All of us in the shadows,

As hot and fast as fire,

In our cold slow Vampire hearts.

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