Write or Wrong…

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When you write a blog you learn how to write fast and dirty (not THAT kind of dirty but you could if you are so inclined to.) You learn to spit out ideas faster than hillbillies at a tobacco chewing contest. OK I had to say that.

This morning I was having coffee in my kitchen with my Grandmama Lola. She isn’t your typical grandmama because she looks younger than I do and was born the same year as Jeffery Chaucer. Yes, the Canterbury Tales guy. And why yes, she is a Vampire. So am I.

Now that we have that out of the way…

We were looking out the window at the bird feeder I’d just installed on my deck. The cats of course took great interest in it. This this cold morning the large oak trees are full of tiny song birds but they’re cautious about going to the new feeder. No doubt they smell the cats.

That is the way it is with us. We’re cautious where we feed. And don’t worry, I’m not going to get all dark and morose on you.

Lola asked how my teens were doing with their “donors”, that is finding regular humans to get blood donations from. I haven’t covered that subject much in this blog, but it IS called “Musings of a Modern VAMPIRE Mom.

They’re doing great. They have down the quick trance, a quick pint from the wrist, seal the wound and heal it, leave sweet thoughts in the mind of the donor. Garrett, who turns 18 in a short 4 months is now going for necks, but only when it is completely safe. His dad has been working on him with that. You know, it is the usual parenting stuff. You teach your kids what they need to know to survive in the world.

Yes, it has been a while since I’ve written any Vampire specific parenting posts.

It is just one of those mornings with coffee and Lola. She has years of stories and tales for my teens that could teach them about the dangers of being a Vampire. There are dangers being anything these days. The news is full of stories that scare the bejeebers out of any parent.

The little birds continue to be cautious. They’ll relax soon as the scent of cat soaked up by the afternoon sun.

I was telling Lola about the plot of a novel I’m working on. I asked her about some historical details and she leaned back and smiled at me.

“I’m so glad you’re writing. I don’t know how you just come up with your stories. You’re so young,” she said.

154 years young. But yes, I do come up with stories. I need to do something with those stories.

The longer I go I realize that it would be wrong to keep those stories to myself. A new year is here. A new story, just like the new bird feeder. I’m cautious now but after a while I won’t be. And I know, just like the bird feeder will be full, my mind will be full of ideas and stories and what it takes to keep me fed.

So all of that mused upon and said here… No matter what you do, no matter what feeds your soul, don’t be afraid to taste and savor and then share.

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman

vm_leaves on tree

We were here

Old images on glass – daguerreotypes and ambrotypes are like ghosts in that they vanish into thin air then come back again. The directness of the first portraits from the 1840’s & 50’s brings them to life unlike later paper or tin images.

These images are like early holograms – more 3D than 2.

Like ghosts they are difficult to capture with a modern camera or even with the naked eye.

And unlike with paper these glass images captured a little piece of soul to say hello to the generations to come and say rather elegantly “we were here.”




Musings on a California Morning

Winter skipped my corner of the world this year. While the rest of the country is shoveling out their Winter Wonderland I’m having coffee outside at dusk, as always, out on the deck with the cat. No shoes. Thinking of what the rest of the day, the week, the month brings.

No Ghost, Goblins gone, no Werewolves, no pests. Just the birds and the cat. Not the cat that eats birds. She is inside asleep. The cat who just watches.

The husband and son are off on their adventures. The girl child and a friend are sleeping like only Vampire teens can sleep.

It is one of those rare moments when my mind is a blank. So much to do like any busy mom, but just savoring the quiet time.

Earlier this week my daughter was looking through my closet, the one with the old stuff and came upon a black velvet dress, as old as old can be.

“What’s with the glam goth mom?”

“Be careful, that dress is really old.” Over 100 years.

“I can’t imagine you as one of those dark Gothic Vampires,” she said looking at the bead work on the fabric.

“You’d be surprised.”

We’re now in another world with the first light of day. Actually it was the world my parents, the New Vampires brought us up in. They came to the land of sun and sea and mountains and infinite possibilities. They bucked the system as did so many of their generation.

But let our kids still be surprised that we had lives before they were born. Let our spouses be surprised we had lives without them once. We all have our own life, our own dreams, and the joys of where we are now.

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman

The dress looked a bit like this one...always a favorite and always in style.

The dress looked a bit like this one…always a favorite and always in style.

Fright Night & New Vampires

Musings on a February Friday…

On Friday nights regular folks traditionally watch scary movies at home or at a theater. Fright Night. Every city has their host or events. In Sacramento it used to be a guy named Bob Wilkins (anyone out there remember him?). Bob would show the most horrible British Vampire movies. He’d also show the Vincent Price movies which were always a treat.

And speaking of ghoulish stories…a while back my kids asked me why people think we (Vampires) live in graveyards, specifically in crypts.

It was for practical purposes. For the most part when someone is turned into a Vampire they die, or at least go through a death like process. Upon coming through the transformation some are so shocked that they “might as well be dead” – as in dead to their former lives.

In this modern age that isn’t always the case. People often become Vampires and live their lives just fine, maybe a little weirdly, but don’t “die” but just sort of fade away and eventually move on. More on that later.

Anyway, back in the old days is was easier to A) not find the body or B) bury someone in a crypt. A crypt is above ground and much easier to escape from than a buried coffin. So that my dears is why people think Vampires live in Crypts. We live in houses. Except for my 6th cousin Donald the New Age Hippy Vampire who lives in a Yert, which is another story for another time.

This brings us back to our dear Cody, the new Vampire. Cody, as you recall became a Vampire last spring when the car his girlfriend (on/off girlfriend) went over a cliff on the Pacific Coast Highway and came crashing down upon the rocks. A Vampire friend rescued them and the only way to keep them from death upon the rocks was to bring them back as Vampires. We’re not sure what happened to the “girlfriend”. She might not have survived the process (I’ll spare you the ugly details of what might or might not have happened – at least for today).

Keep in mind that this is not something that happens all the time. It is as rare as seeing a ghost (not in my case) or … just take my word for it. This rarely happens.

I don’t know the agonizing experience of being transformed into a Vampire or Werewolf. If you’re born that way it seems normal. If you aren’t it is brutal and many don’t survive both physically and mentally. Your very being and everything you know will change. Everything you thought was real is suddenly different.

Cody seems to be doing ok. Unlike the old days, he still sees his family and old friends. He met Vampires before he became one so he doesn’t see us as monsters. He has quit his old job and taken up with a company run by Vampires. But there is an adjustment.

Cody is now hypersensitive to the sun. He needs to get blood. His diet is limited. On the bright side he can now see in the dark. He is learning how to use his “paranormal” abilities, and he looks really cute with fangs. And he’ll heal much faster if he is hurt. Much to my chagrin I think he is falling in love with my great great great grandmother – there again another weird story.

He is having a few issues but I’ve told him that his soul has not been eaten by evil and he is welcomed into our community with open arms.

With all new and unexpected situations we need to be there for those who need our support – even if they don’t ask. Just let them know you are thinking about them – even that is a small comfort.

So I guess the point to this is that we all get through things, or maybe that is not the point. Sometimes even being pointless is ok.

Find comfort in the company of others and help new friends along the way.

Find comfort in the company of others and help new friends along the way.

Dumping someone like this is never a good idea.

Dumping someone like this is never a good idea.

I’ve missed the boat – but I don’t care…

There are so many times I’ve missed the boat or taken the wrong boat or jumped off of the boat. I’ve even jumped off the pier.

I’ve given up on waiting for my boat to come in. That ship has indeed sailed.  It seems like I’ve spend way too much time standing on the shore watching the mast vanish over the horizon.

When it comes to romance my brother Max definitely took the wrong ship when he ended up on the Titanic and met the wrong woman who broke his heart 100 year later (but that’s another story. She was weird and I’m glad he didn’t end up with her).  Max is always looking for an ideal perfection when I know in my heart of hearts that is the imperfect woman who will make him happy.

On the other hand, it is a good thing I’m a strong swimmer because my own romantic history involves a lot of jumping off of wrong boats, back paddling and treading water. Most of all it involves ships that pass in the night. Wrong time, wrong place, maybe right person, but maybe not. I’ll have to check my life in some alternative universe to find out what might have been.

Missing my boat might not have been a bad thing after all. If I’d taken that boat, that one perfect boat I might not be with the man I love, the man I married, the love of my life. And I love my children more than the universe or any alternate universe. I’d jump off of any boat for my kids.

I’ve grown, as I’ve grown up, that the question of “What if?” should only apply to the here and now or the future. It should never apply to the past. The past is great. We share our memories. It made us who we are not, but the burden of regrets is like a cargo hold full of rotten fish. It will only smell bad and make us sick and miserable.

So what ship am I on now? I’m on the first leg of a fantastic journey into the unknown. I’m on a journey where the wonders of the universe will unfold in front of my eyes – I know that because I live with teens! Everything is possible.

I don’t need to wait for a boat. Now is my time.


Juliette aka Vampire Maman

Ghost of a Chance for Romance

The sun was setting in the cool winter sky. While the rest of the country is having blizzards it is sweatshirt weather here in California. Perfect weather for romance. Perfect weather for being a Vampire.

My teenage son who is always surrounded by girls and a born flirt is off to a Valentine’s Day party at a friend’s house tonight. Gone are the days when new drivers can legally drive with a car full of their friends so my husband is taking Garrett and his friends Randy, Chloe and Ione.

Clara is going roller skating with her friends – their usual Friday night activity. She is in deep water with her dad for her cell phone addiction but that’s another post.

Teddy spent the day in San Francisco. Part of his business is dealing with estate jewelry. He delivered an engagement ring to a customer. The ring was first given to a bride in 1890. After the bride ran off with the grooms best friend the ring was given to someone in 1939. The young bride was widowed during the war and remarried in 1946. She sold the ring to a man who gave it to his daughter when she graduated from college. She died in India while looking for enlightenment and her boyfriend brought the ring back to the United States. He then sold it to Teddy who in turn sold the beautiful platinum and diamond wonder to a Vampire in San Francisco who planned on proposing to his true love. Speaking of which, I had always thought it would have been nice if one of my single brothers would have taken the ring but since neither one have steady girlfriends…oh well.

I fell out of my thoughts of the amazing ring when the ghost appeared next to me.

“I can tell by the look in your cold hard eyes that you’re thinking of romance.”

I told him the story of the ring. He looked out into the field where the girl ghost was dancing in the wind, the skirts of her long dress flowing behind her. She blew the ghost a kiss. He blew one back.

“She loves you.” I said, looking at the crazy carefree ghost girl with her blazing red curls.

“I never found love when I was alive,” said the ghost. “It was a obcessive ex-lover who caused my death, but I never loved her. She didn’t know how to love. She only knew how to possess.”

“I’m sorry.” I looked at his pale face framed by black hair.

“Don’t be. If I’d lived I would have never have met Mary. Honestly Juliette, unless I was a Vampire like you there would be no way I could have met a girl who was born in 1586, Funny how things work out that way.”

“That’s an interesting take on things.”

“I’m a realist. Of course being a ghost isn’t half as bad as being, well, as being a Vampire.”

“There is nothing wrong with being a Vampire.”

“Sure, if you’re into the whole drinking blood and living at night sort of thing.”

“I’m glad you’re happy.”

He gave me a rare smile. “I’m glad you’re happy too dear Vampire.”

Then he vanished as the sun went down and the first small bat flew across my back deck.

Good night and sweet dreams…of love and romance for all.

Juliette aka Vampire Maman