Hot Dead Guys

Just because you’re dead doesn’t mean you were always a stiff.

Here are a few photos from my personal collection (they might be departed, or they might be Vampires. I’ll never tell. OK at least not today.)


~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman

We are "the guys" and we approve of this blog.

We are “the guys” and we approve of this blog.

We all need our dogs.

We all need our dogs.

true love with heart small

Our Gang


My friend the Vampire.

My friend the Vampire.

vm man of the future Big Hatdashing man082707cmImperialhandsome Victorian man


Some guys have it and some guys don't.

Some guys have it and some guys don’t.

Vampire Teens of Olden Days (still having fun after all these years)

Vampire Teens of Olden Days (still having fun after all these years)


Box of Ghosts

Happy Halloween Everyone from Vampire Maman!

For your entertainment I’ll share some portraits from my collection, my Box of Ghosts,  to delight and inspire.


~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman

vm man of the futurevm charmingvm three siblingsJuliette Kings collection

We are "the guys" and we approve of this blog.

We are “the guys” and we approve of this blog.

 Mother and daughter

Precious child 1850's

Precious child 1850’s

We don't wear shorts to school!

We don’t wear shorts to school!

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Friday Big Hats, Big Hair and Gratuitous Vampire Stuff

It is Friday.

That means big hats and big hair and a gratuitous Vampire meme.

And a wrap up of this week (and what you might have missed – click on the links below):

Big Hat Day

Big Hat Day

Big Hair Day

Big Hair Day

Mona V

Mona V

Small and Precious Ghosts


No amount of time can take away the love or the wonder of a small child – it lasts forever – even after those brief moments are gone from our physical world the love is still with all of us.20130430-152227.jpg

We were here

Old images on glass – daguerreotypes and ambrotypes are like ghosts in that they vanish into thin air then come back again. The directness of the first portraits from the 1840’s & 50’s brings them to life unlike later paper or tin images.

These images are like early holograms – more 3D than 2.

Like ghosts they are difficult to capture with a modern camera or even with the naked eye.

And unlike with paper these glass images captured a little piece of soul to say hello to the generations to come and say rather elegantly “we were here.”




Vampires and Photographs – Reflections on Images

My daughter asked me “What’s up with the myth that Vampires don’t show up in photographs?”

My kids are of an age where everything in the universe is digital and immediate. She is also in a world where Vampire teens are engulfed in popular culture about Vampires. Yes, this is a challenge for all Vampire parents because our kids are, well, different that other teens.

OK so let’s get back to the question. What’s up with the myth that Vampires don’t show up in photographs?

We DO show up. It IS a myth. So is the one about mirrors. We show up.

The reason you don’t see us in photographs is because we are around for a long long long long time. For example: If my mom showed up in photographs from 1843 – 2012 her image, her face, the same face would be in ALL of those photos. That same face that looks like the same lovely 36 year old woman. Only the clothing and hairstyles have changed. After a while someone would put two and two together and we’d be busted big time.

We DO show up in photographs but we’re careful about when and where we are photographed. It’s common sense.

The myth comes from silver.

First of all if someone hits me in the heart or brain with a silver bullet it will do serious damage. Same goes for anyone, no matter what you are (regular human, werewolf, goblin, whatever). If you stab me with a silver fork it will seriously piss me off but not kill me.

To make a long and stupid story short: At one time in history, silver was thought to be “pure” or something like that. So since “Vampires” were unpure (not true but I shall continue with MY version of the story) silver would of course kill Vampires.

Mirrors and photographic processes used silver. That made some people reason that silver and Vampires don’t mix SO the properties of the silver will reject the images of a Vampire. Yep, there is some really great scientific reasoning going on there.

So what about reflections in water or windows? What about digital photography? We reflect. We also ponder, muse, wonder, and think about these things but as artists and for heaven’s sake, look at how many times your teen takes photos of herself. It is mind boggling – and all of us Vampire parents know that our kids DO show up on Instagram and Facebook and YouTube and everywhere else looking like regular kids.

So anyway, now you know.



~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman