45189857_2279839595362728_1732779137954742272_nI rarely show photos of my own family but this time I’ll bend my rules.

My daughter and her boyfriend decided to be Bogart and Bacall from The Big Sleep for Halloween. I think they did an extraordinary job of pulling off black and white, and of course the glamour. Yes, their makeup and all of their clothing is black/white/gray. Nice job kids.




By the way, they’re both nineteen, and in their second year of college. If you want to disparage the youth of today then you must not know any young people. This is a creative and savvy generation.

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman


Vamp up for Halloween!

They don’t call us VAMPires for nothing. And our friends are in on the fun too! Halloween will be here in no time…




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Harry Clarke Ligeia


Madam X - the dress looked a bit like this one.

Madam X – the dress looked a bit like this one.


VictorianHalloweenamazing stories guy with 2 girls

Masquerade Fantasy

Last summer I did some sketches for the yearly Vampire Masquerade Ball costumes…here they are all in one posting.

Just quick pencil  and/or pen on paper.

I do more detailed pen and ink work but that is for another post.

Have fun!
~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman and Costume Designer

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Good design never goes out of style! Winter is almost here!

Winter is coming. In the 70’s (20th Century) I had a beautiful Chloe coat that looked like something from the 1890’s but a little different. I hate to admit it but the 1970’s was a time for beautiful coats. I wish I still had that wine colored Gucci coat with the fur collar.

The 1890’s brought a wonderful crop of beautiful winter dresses. Here is one of my favorites. The woman in the photo was a friend (not me). I’d still wear that. It wouldn’t take much to modernize it to 2013 winter fashion.



Stay Warm, Be Stylish,

Juliette aka Vampire Maman

This is Halloween at the Vampire House!

Vampires do not dress up as Vampires on Halloween….

However, this year the girl child graduated from cute witches and things with fairy wings to something a little more scary!

And why yes, mom did do the makeup.

A word about Mummies…and Mommies! And Vampire Kidlets! Halloween Fun has Just Begun!

Halloween will be here soon!


What are you going to be for Halloween???

We’re planning a trip to Evangeline’s the best Halloween Store in the Universe (in Old Sacramento). The mail goal is to find striped tights and the right makeup and maybe some wigs. But you never know. I think we’re going this weekend.

Vampire kids love to go Trick-or-Treating but unfortunately they don’t get to keep too much of the candy. We have a low tolerance for sugar so our systems just can’t handle it. But you know, the kids have so much fun giving it away.

Now that my children are Vampire Teens they get a special treat of Spiced Halloween Blood (and it’s the good kind – recipe to come). To make this year even more special we’re going to be making our own Halloween goblets out of wine glasses and glass paint. If you have any recommendations on glass plaint let me know! I’ll be posting photos and sharing my designs with you!

And of course what fun is Halloween without a Nightmare Before Christmas Party!!!!! Vampires love all things Tim Burton! So I’ll post recipes for treats and costume ideas! It will be great.

So Happy Pre-Halloween!


Juliette aka Vampire Maman


FYI the illustration shown is by one of my favorite artists of all time W. Heath Robinson. The man was absolutely brilliant!