Random Survey #2: Leisure Time



What do you do in your leisure time? Do you have a hobby? How about an activity you enjoy?

Answer today’s RANDOM SURVEY and feel free to leave your own answer in the comments.

Do me a favor and PLEASE answer the survey. Your answer and name won’t be sent to a secret data base or be sold to vile people who call you randomly saying they’re from the IRS.

So let us know if you like to bake, or hike, or do something else interesting.




How about making the shooting range a leisure time habit?

Remember to answer the survey, leave a comment, and go have fun.

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman



Cat-ur-day: You can dance if you want to…


Where is Juliette? Where is the Burning Question today?????

I’ve been so busy with my kids (my ADULT kids) and moving, and traveling, and taking friends to the art museum, and Vampire stuff that… well, there is no Burning Question.

Happy Cat-ur-day!

And don’t forget your hat. By the way if you forget your hat make a music video. It’s ok. You have my permission.

Now go hug your cat, hug your kids, hug everyone else, and dance! Take the chance.


~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman

Yes Virginia – Santa is a Vampire!

I’m re-blogging this from last year because A) I like this post a lot, B) it is full of Christmas Spirit and Fun, C) I can’t think of anything today, or at least not now, maybe later, D) it is all true – every single word. Cheers!

Vampire Maman

All Animals Love Santa All Animals Love Santa

Winter is here with enough bite to freeze the slow beating heart of almost any Vampire.

My mom used to say to us “Don’t stop your heart or your blood will freeze.”

It is one of those things we have to think about, sometimes. I don’t recall ever telling my own children that, or any other “new” Vampires. 

Funny how one thinks of those sayings.

The first bat of the night is a wish. The next is a kiss. 

Bad blood is only in the soul.

Dance from dusk to dawn then sleep as if there is no sun.

As a mother (in the 1850’s and 60’s) with a rather large brood of young vampires (4 boys and 1 girl) my mom took advantage of the holidays in a big way. It was her time to celebrate and bring out the cheer. She was glad to…

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A Zombie sneak peak? Oh my!!!

A wonderful story from my friend Jade M. Phillips. It might be the most unique Zombie story you’ve ever read. I love it.

FYI – it will be featured in the upcoming WPaD short story anthology “Goin’ Extinct.”

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman


Hello world! It has been WAY too frickin long since I’ve posted and I apologize for my lack of doing so, but it has been a crazy year! I hope everyone is faring well and enjoying their summer. Anyway, I thought while I am busy working on some fun new stuff for you guys to read, I might post a little tid-bit here; a sampler of sorts. Now, this is VIP stuff y’all, I tell you, because the short story I am revealing has not even been published yet! But it will be soon in the very much anticipated post-apocalyptic anthology called ‘Goin’ Extinct’ by the writers of WPaD (Writers, Poets, and Deviants.) Here is our Amazon author page so you can check out all of the other books (proceeds are donated to MS research, a very near and dear cause to me and my family.)

So without further ado, I give you…

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18 Year Old Son: Secret Asian Man? Isn’t that kind of racist?

Mom: He’s singing Secret Agent Man. As in Cold War, James Bond, behind the Iron Curtain.

Son: Oh. OK. (laughs)




~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman










Action, Adventure, Romance, Parenting, Musings? What would you like to see in 2014?

Bigfoot is not the answer I’m looking for but if I get any photos I’ll post them here first.

I know, TWO posts for January 1st, but I’m feeling the blog today.

Answer as many times with as many answers as you want. Vote as often as you want. I never said there was anything scientific about this.

I like polls. No secret there. Polls are silly and fun and don’t mean a whole lot… unless it makes you ponder or smile or gives you the idea I might be motivated by something other than the smell of fresh blood and an evening of shoe shopping. And if you want to lie go ahead. Everybody lies to polls. At least Vampires do (all of us.)

And have fun. Have fun no matter what you do.