A Zombie sneak peak? Oh my!!!

A wonderful story from my friend Jade M. Phillips. It might be the most unique Zombie story you’ve ever read. I love it.

FYI – it will be featured in the upcoming WPaD short story anthology “Goin’ Extinct.”

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman


Hello world! It has been WAY too frickin long since I’ve posted and I apologize for my lack of doing so, but it has been a crazy year! I hope everyone is faring well and enjoying their summer. Anyway, I thought while I am busy working on some fun new stuff for you guys to read, I might post a little tid-bit here; a sampler of sorts. Now, this is VIP stuff y’all, I tell you, because the short story I am revealing has not even been published yet! But it will be soon in the very much anticipated post-apocalyptic anthology called ‘Goin’ Extinct’ by the writers of WPaD (Writers, Poets, and Deviants.) Here is our Amazon author page so you can check out all of the other books (proceeds are donated to MS research, a very near and dear cause to me and my family.)

So without further ado, I give you…

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