Shut your nasty disgusting dirty little mouth

My daughter wants me to write the vice principal of her high school about sexual harassment at school. It seems as if it is part of the school culture.

To me it seems off that in this day and age, in the United States, in California, that we’d have to deal with this problem.

Then again it seems as if certain parts of society are going backwards with the sexualization of women in music, especially the music so many boys idolize. If you don’t know what I’m talking about look it up or just turn on the radio.

I have no problems with sex or either sex or what people do with those they want to be with. I do have problems when my daughter can’t go to school without hearing a constant barrage of sexual comments and graphic sexual suggestions. It just pisses her off. It pisses me off.

This isn’t something that happens once or twice a week. It is something that happens once or twice or more times an HOUR.

In Spanish class a boy will say “Nice ass.” When he is ignored, he and his friends will start on the “slutty girl” who sits near by until she tells them to fuck off.

Then in English boys talk openly about who they want to “do” and look girls up and down saying “I want a piece of that.” Then one of them calls the teacher a cunt.

By 6th period science my daughter will have at least one guy say “suck my dick” or “send me nude pics and I’ll send you mine.”

Boys who behave nicely are called fags. Yes, being a fag isn’t a bad thing. I wish all boys were “fags.”

Before school starts in August I’ll write that letter. I’ll share it here.

As a parent I’ve held back on a lot of things, especially with high school. I feel like kids should be on their own, take care of their own problems at that age, etc etc etc. However, there comes a time when one does have to speak up, and this is one of those times.

The behavior the boys at our high school display would be illegal in the workplace.

And do these boys have parents? Do they talk to their sons? Not all boys are like this so on a bright note somebody is doing something right. Unfortunately not enough parents are. Or maybe they just don’t give a shit. Either they don’t care about their kids or they see their children as the center of the universe. Polar opposites aren’t really that opposite. It happens.

Yesterday my child told me that some kids want to transfer to another school because of the behavior and sexual harassment problems. Wait… this was supposed to be the GOOD SCHOOL. It was supposed to be the best public high school in the area. WTF?

One of the sad things is that so many girls put up with it. They don’t even know it isn’t normal because their lack of self-worth as a female, plus their lack of life experience.

And you thought Vampires were scary.


~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman


  1. So sad to hear this! I don’t know how parents will cope with the explosion of the Internet and the ease of access to porn, which apparently, boys have access to from very young ages. There have been a series of BBC documentaries on the way in which this is affecting the sexualisation of young girls and it is really disturbing as it will certainly affect the way that boys relate to girls and girls relate to their own sexuality in general.

  2. Sadly going to another school will most likely render the same or similar results. The problem is that children have become desensitized to sex, violence and all manner of moral compass and few parents care enough to do anything about it and make an investment of time and effort in the future of their kids. It sucks!!!

    1. We never hear about this sort of behavior in the “Honors” or “AP” classes. Of course those classes are almost impossible for kids to get into. I hope to keep reminding the powers that be at the school that this is unacceptable. I know the teachers hate it too and stop it when they can. Unfortunately their hands are tied in too many cases on how much they are allowed to control their classrooms. Sigh.

  3. As a recently retired teacher from a smaller community Ontario Canada, this makes me cringe – for the students, parents and teaching staff. I have to wonder what type of support the teaching staff is getting if they are letting this happen. We have province wide harassment policies. Even before those were introduced, if any student spoke in this manner, it was simply – ” inappropriate language, interfering with the learning of others – here is your conduct sheet go to the vice principal now – see me after class to resolve ( students who did not comply & resolve are not allowed back in class)”.

    Obviously, there is some kind of failure of support for the school wide community (students, staff & parents/guardians) that this is allowed to happen.

    BTW Our school has the full range of students, going from Academic University bound to the Life Skills Essential Learning. My wife & I have taught all grades & levels in our teaching careers.

    Best of luck to you & your daughter.

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