45189857_2279839595362728_1732779137954742272_nI rarely show photos of my own family but this time I’ll bend my rules.

My daughter and her boyfriend decided to be Bogart and Bacall from The Big Sleep for Halloween. I think they did an extraordinary job of pulling off black and white, and of course the glamour. Yes, their makeup and all of their clothing is black/white/gray. Nice job kids.




By the way, they’re both nineteen, and in their second year of college. If you want to disparage the youth of today then you must not know any young people. This is a creative and savvy generation.

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman



    1. Thank you. They came up with the idea months ago. A lot of time was spent in vintage clothing stores, costume shops, and eBay looking for the right outfits. Then we got the makeup. I had no idea they were going to do everything in back and white. Wow. They pulled it off. My husband and I went to a musical themed party as Simon and Garfunkel. I was Simon. More fun with wigs and finding the right turtleneck sweater. LOL.

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