White Silk, Black Tails

White Silk, Black Tails – A Vampire Love Poem

I was a spirit

In white silk with pink roses

Bustle in back

You in black tails

Took my breath away

And a century later

When you realized

That I loved you

I could exhale.


~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman

You Wait at My Door

You wait at my door,

Your bite still fresh,

Your cries

Your pleading

Your banging

The scratching

Your love

Astounds me

You will not give up

Fangs set

Love forever

I must let you in

For after all

Despite all

Forever all

I laugh

I smile

I let you in

You are my cat.


~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman

Be ready!

The night of all souls

When the gates

To the other side


For a party

Of fantasy and fun

Ghosts and witches

Magic and fun

The real horrors


In the dark…

For another time…

To eat your soul

In unexpected surprise.


Be ready.



~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman








He wrapped himself in mystery

But I unwrapped him

Like an ancient mummy

But then like a birthday present

And finally like the man he was

With no more mystery

Just his beating heart

And bare soul.




~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman



Poetry – A gift of the heart and desire of the soul. On the Plum Tree with Wednesday Corner.

What an honor for me it has been to have my poetry featured on Wednesday Corner on “On The Plum Tree.”

Click here for the blog post. Or go to: http://ontheplumtree.wordpress.com/2013/07/03/the-wednesday-corner-with-juliette-kings/

Thank you to Niamh Clune and the many talented authors, artists and musicians involved with The Plum Tree who make it a life goal to make the world a more positive place through the written word and art. They also educate us on the plight of children of the world – the poorest who don’t always have a voice yet deserve what all children deserve – a safe place to live with clean water, food, love and an education – and hope that they can grow up and live in a peaceful world free of fear and ignorance.


Writing Poetry is always a good thing to do – even when you’re the only one who reads it.

I’ve posted the article below several times. This is my view on poetry today – for myself and others.

A need you dare not admit…

People won’t admit they read poetry and are moved by it…but late at night they go on the internet and search it out. It is like pornography. I’m dead serious (no pun intended). It is a need that most people will not dare admit to.

It isn’t a good time for me to expound upon the history of poetry or what caused the American population (among others) claim not to like poets. But I would like to remind everyone, especially those of us who can remember the past several centuries that there was a time that poets were the Rock Stars of our culture.

Sometimes I pull out my old volumes of favorites and read in the quiet of the night or on a rain soaked day. In turn, I also look for the new. I marvel at the many voices I see with poetry on the internet.

Part of me believes technology with recorded music, radio, TV etc maybe brought an end to the poet as a popular icon. But in turn the Internet, yes the Internet has brought poetry back to life.

I see in the online communities poets being read, not ignored. I don’t read those words online “I don’t like poetry.” I see people who NEVER would read a poem, forwarding poetry to their friends and loved ones.

Poetry is a gift to the soul. Poetry is for everyone. Everyone needs poetry, like a vampire needs blood, like a hawk needs to fly, like a fish needs to swim. I know that wasn’t very poetic but you get the point – I hope.

Your assignment today is to READ, SAVOR and SHARE poetry with someone you love.

For some of the poetry posted on this blog (Vampiremaman.com) click on the links below. Enjoy!

With The Plum Tree Group:

~ Juliette