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One Cold Winter Night

In the dark night They listened For the cry of the wolf But more The cracks of twigs The rustle of leaves The turn of a door nob Against the lock A break of glass Then the scrape Of a ladder Against the house… Continue Reading “One Cold Winter Night”

I’ll answer your questions AND tell you a story.

Tomorrow is Thursday which means you have a few more hours to get in your questions for the next Ask Juliette (Ask A Vampire, Advice for Everyone). Put your questions in the comment section RIGHT HERE. If you’re shy you may email me at… Continue Reading “I’ll answer your questions AND tell you a story.”

Short Story Sunday: Captured Bride

I was minding my own business, outside tending my herb garden, when someone throws a blanket over my head, hauls me up on a horse and takes me to God only knows where. After what seemed like forever, combined with a lot of screaming… Continue Reading “Short Story Sunday: Captured Bride”

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