What we talked about today before school… I wish it wasn’t true…I wish it wasn’t again…


For years, since 2012 I’ve been posting on what I talk about with my kids on the way to school, and now that they’re in college just what we talk about.

Today we talked about:

  • The school shooting in Florida
  • Snarky shit about people who live in Washington DC
  • The Olympics

School Shootings:

27973291_10215310182698618_2142073823464310448_nThis morning I hugged my child as she left for her college classes. I almost cried.

My daughter told me not to worry. She has told me that so many times that I can’t remember. She said “I’m in college. Don’t worry.”

I told her, “Virginia Tech, UC Santa Barbra, Roseburg, Oregon.”

Another school shooting. Another mass shooting. I don’t know as a parent how much more I can say. How much more can I cry for the loss and for the families and friends left behind.

How many more of these posts do I have to write? I almost didn’t write this one. But I must.

Another school shooting. This time, on Valentine’s Day at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, in Parkland Florida, Seventeen People Were Murdered – SHOT WITH A LEGALLY PURCHASED GUN THAT WAS MADE FOR KILLING PEOPLE.

More parents, friends, and families are mourning tragic losses today. This has to stop. It is unacceptable. Thoughts and prayers aren’t going to help. We’ve tried that already. Your vote, your phone calls to your representatives, and your LOUD VOICES, are a needed. Never again. Shout it out NEVER AGAIN.

We’ve all seen the horror of the reports in Florida. Students filmed the attack. One girl said, “I watched my friend get her face blown off.”

Seventeen dead.

This wasn’t a foreign terrorist. It was a kid that was so fucked up that he couldn’t act like a human. It was a kid who followed hate groups. It was a kid who proudly wore one of Trump’s Make America Great Again hats. This isn’t making America great. And we all know Trump will do nothing because as his son puts it “Trump’s America is Red, White, and Green.” Follow the NRA money.

We need law enforcement to follow up when people are concerned about what they see on social media – yes, this recent shooter and others have been reported  BEFORE the crime and nothing was done about it. If you want I’ll make a list. Right now I can think of the Isla Vista killings (guns and knives were used.) It was planned. The killer rejected mental health care his family provided. His family alerted the police. The list goes on and on and on.

The Columbine shootings happened in 1999 the year my daughter was born. She is now an adult. She has NEVER known a time without regular mass shootings, and school shootings in the United States of America.

The should not the our children’s NORMAL. It is anything BUT normal.

Of course our leaders DO NOTHING.  They don’t want law enforcement agencies to take threats seriously. They don’t want any kind of meaningful gun control, they don’t want to address mental health, they don’t want anyone to dare talk about hate groups, they don’t want to make adults who let minors have access to guns share responsibility for crimes, they just want to say meaningless works like “thoughts and prayers.”

Thoughts and Prayers have NEVER prevented a school shooting. They have never made loved ones feel better. They are EMPTY words that now sound like insults.

I’ve written more than one article about mass shootings, including school shootings (links below). I always hope that each will be the last, but it never ends. This is the world my daughter grew up in. Today as she left for her college classes she told me not to worry – but I do worry. EVERY SINGLE DAY. This is not right. I am so heart broken today about what happened yesterday in Florida that I don’t have it in me yet to write a blog post about it.

I DID contact all of my representatives in the Senate and Congress. I will contact the local representatives today.

Below are links to just a few of the articles I’ve posted since 2012 about mass shootings in the United States. Contact those in government who represent you. This has to stop.

Sandy Hook: https://vampiremaman.com/…/in-honor-hug-your-kids-talk-to-…/

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Orlando: https://vampiremaman.com/2016/06/12/today-is-sunday/



  • Snarky shit about people who live in Washington DC

It isn’t about Republicans or Democrats. It is about ALL of them. They don’t care about the people who elect them. All they care about is the status and the money. It is all about the next campaign.

Men who were born in 1959 act as if they were born in 1859. They act like it is 1918 not 2018.

We all agree that Washington D.C. is full of old boys who act like assholes and sexist pigs 24/7 because they can get away with it. Their mommies are all dead, their daddies were sexist pigs. It is what they know. It is what they’ve been allowed to get away with because they are rich and they are bullies.

Then I think of Melania Trump. I can’t even imagine how much she must hate her husband in real life. I can’t imagine what she is thinking when she hears about her husband having sex with porn stars (and others no doubt) while she was home with a newborn infant. I can’t imagine what she thinks when she knows her husband has always chated on her. I can’t imagine the disgust she must feel when Trump touches her.

Then again it is what she wanted. Her family got a free ticket to America. They live off of Trumps fortune. For some that might be a good deal.

A lot of political wives are like that. Had I been Hillary Clinton I would have had the biggest bonfire in history on the White House Lawn when Bill was cheating. But then again, the love of money and power is sometimes more tempting than a healthy normal life.

This is where I’m going with this… these people, men and women in Washington DC are so out of touch with reality that it seems like some sort of weird alternate universe that they live in. The know everything about low class and NOTHING about the Middle Class.

But back to our current First Lady (who would have looked so much better without all of that needless plastic surgery) I know what her current favorite songs must be. You can listen below.

  • The 2018 Winter Olympics

This morning we talked about ICE SKATING. Oh my goodness. I’m just going to post a video. This is so beautiful that you’ll cry for all the good reasons.

Yes, I’m so off today I can’t write much of anything, so just watch this.

The Olympics have been wonderful. We’re following and cheering for everyone there.

That’s it for today. I have to go hug my dog.

And what I can’t stress enough: TALK TO YOUR KIDS. Talk to your kids. Listen to them. Value their opinions. Teach them what is right and wrong. Teach them compassion. Teach them to be strong. Hug them. Kiss them. Protect them. Treasure them. It doesn’t matter if they’re babies or in their sixties – do all these things. Always.

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman


What we’re talking about today (with my teens)

“Can I get my belly button pierced?”


“Why not.”

“Because I said so. Don’t bring it up again.”

OK I have to admit that one came out of the blue.

“Hey mom, look water falling from the sky.”

Wow. It rained. Not much, but it rained.

The weather. Freezing in far off parts of the United States but here in California…the hills are still a dull brownish gray. The only green is where Teddy cleared the fire line behind our house. It has rained once, and only for about an hour, since October. Before that maybe once since May. Everyone is going out to the lake to see the old Gold Rush towns and bridges that have been exposed by the lack of lake. I’m noticing the smaller lake by my house starting to drop and wonder if old settlements and the original river bed will be exposed by spring.

Back in the drought of the late 1970’s my brother Val and I drove across the bed of Folsom Lake. About a year after that it rained again. The lake filled up. Then everyone was talking about 100 year floods. Just last year people were still saying our area could be the next New Orleans (and old levee issue plus the building of homes where homes should have never been built.)

100 years ago downtown the houses are built with the first story being high off the ground due to a history of floods. Everyone used to have a small boat “just in case.” The good old days. You wouldn’t believe the mud.

Then the subject came up of stupid adults who should know better (than to behave as they do.) A friend (a teen my kids go to school with) gets nasty mean text messages from his mother’s boyfriend. He doesn’t live with his mother, but needless to say, the boyfriend feels the need to be an asshole jerk-off and send this good A+ student hate messages. What is wrong with some people.

It reminded me of a story my dad told me about his childhood a million years ago. When my dad was 16 he was sent to help an uncle dig a ditch. The uncle taunted my father without mercy. This was due to the fact that my dad could read and write. He lived in a house with books and ideas. The uncle said “you think you’re better than me city boy.” After some more digging and insults passed the uncle threatened to kill my dad. So my 16 year old father whacked his uncle on the side of the head with a shovel and knocked him out. My dad was never bothered by his uncle again.

Unfortunately kids can’t just clock someone with a shovel these days and not get into serious trouble. Too bad. I figure the jerk-off who is texting our friend is threatened by the fact that his girlfriend has a smart successful child. The boyfriend is also a bully of the first order. I don’t understand women (and men) who put a new lover before their own children. I will never understand that. I also never understood how people who don’t like kids insist on dating people who have children. Assholes.

Then we talked about how some adults will sexually abuse teens – because they think they can get away with it. There was a story in the news about a girl who finally came out on YouTube about her experiences and everything finally hit the fan for the abusive teacher involved.

I told my kids about a friend of mine who was molested years ago by a responsible adult – her orthodontist. She said that when that happens kids feel helpless to do anything. They feel like they aren’t important. They feel worthless. They feel like nobody cares. She told her parents years later and they said nothing. They didn’t show outrage (as she would if it had happened to her own kids.) The just changed the subject. They were more worried about her smoking with her friends (something none of them did) or making out with boys her own age than her being safe around adult predators. She couldn’t go to them back then and even now there was nothing. It was her word against a respected family man with a lot of education and money. My teens are puzzled and angered by this attitude. So am I.

Please let all teens know that even if their parents might not listen or might be uncomfortable subjects that there is always an adult at school who will listen. Or call 911. Put those perverts in a cell where they belong.

This morning we talked about why politicians take bribes, why there are so many shootings, who should go to the skate meet on Superbowl Sunday aside from the person skating, the need for new jeans, college and the dangers of being a journalist in a war zone.

We talked about music. We talked about all of my teen’s friends. They’re fortunate to have so many good friends.

We’ve talked a lot about the upcoming Winter Olympics. The one to watch is Jason Brown (men’s figure skating.) He is a joy to watch.

On the way out the door I noticed we were all wearing the same thing. Black shirt, dark jeans, black shoes, mismatched socks. All three of us. I do love my kids. We all agreed that their dad would never wear mismatched socks. Oh well.

Have a good weekend everyone and remember TALK WITH YOUR KIDS. It is the best thing you will ever do.

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman

Do it like you’re screaming out the truck window…

Even vampire kids have sports and one of ours is roller skating. Not Roller Derby, but Artistic Roller Skating on FOUR wheels. An awesome sport if there ever was one. I strongly feel that both Speed and Artistic Roller skating should be in the Olympics.

This past weekend was the BIG Memorial Day Skate Meet for the Artistic Skate Club.

Anyway, my 12 year old daughter had some stiff competition. It was an eye opener for her. But for the “Figures” events she received several medals including 2 first place awards.. Very nice. Then came Dance. When she saw who she was up against she was in a panic. These girls are good. Scary good. National Champion good. But not really. She knew what she had to do.

Needless to say she blew it. She went out there like a wet noodle and totally bombed. She was angry and upset and sulked for a while. Then Steve talked her into some food. A few of the old timers gave her pep talks. I told her “35,000 girls are in the B event (about 30). You’re in the A event so there are 5 of you because nobody else can do what you do. You are still one of the best.” Right, like that was going to help. She knew she bombed.

A little background…everyone at the skate rink thinks my child is a quiet reserved and somewhat serious girl. They don’t know about her other life (she is like her mom in that way). At school, at home, with friends…she is LOUD, funny and nonstop – the girl we all know.

The next event was Creative Dance. Her practice has been so-so. The music was some version of Bandstand (Dick Clark) and Brian Stezer’s Sleep Walk then it transitioned into Brian Setzer’s This Cat’s On A Hot Tin Roof. She was in a black & white poka dotted dress, white gloves, cute as a button.

She was feeling pretty awful at that point knowing she’d blow it. The competition was fierce. Also, this was the first time she’d done this at a competition. From what I was at practice she was not ready at all. It was sort of sad.

Take it all back a week.

Last Friday here was a Middle School field trip to Great America in Santa Clara (Physics Day). I volunteered to go. Oh boy. My group was the cute smart well behaved 8th grade boys (the ones we would have had crushes on too at that age). It was a lot of fun, but the drive was long (almost 4 hours home).. I took C and two of her best girl friends in our truck. Of course on the way home we were stuck in Friday rush hour traffic through the South Bay Area. The girls were making faces and yelling (monster noises not words) out the window. I told them to stop but I was laughing too. Then they started to sing along to the radio in odd accents and talk about all sorts of funny things. It was a riot.


Before my child went on for Creative Dance I said

“Do it like you’re screaming out the truck window.”

Nobody else knew what I meant by that, but my daughter did. She went out on the floor and took the house down. She was AMAZING. It was the best performance she ever had. Now she has to learn more fancy footwork to make it rock at the Regional Championships.

But the real moral of this story is to always “Do it like you’re  screaming out the truck window”.  Always.

For more information on Roller Sports see: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USA_Roller_Sports