Stories We Shall Never Tell

In the dark

We ran through the streets

Slick with rain

Back alleys

Darkened windows

Broken glass


The smell of decay

And death.

Then into grand mansions

We’d fly

Cloaks off

The rustle of silk

A white tie

A flash of fang

The smell of wine


And blood.

We were young


With stories

We shall never


Our own




~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman

I Seek You Out

I seek you out

I attack

Then sing the song of my people


With gusto

And wake the dead

And the living

To cry out

The fact

That I have found

A rubber band.


I am

The Cat.

The end.


~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman


gloria the calico cat

Miss Gloria will be the first to tell you that she doesn’t give a rat’s ass about your comfort.  Never has. Never will.


My hands still keep the memory…

I let you sleep

As I steal away

Into the morning light



Wake up to all

Cats and dog



Off to school

And work…

Always work



Coffee and

A wish for something stronger



My hands still keep

The memory

Of the smooth

Cotton of your shirt

The cool pearl of buttons

As I pushed it

From your shoulders

And kissed your neck

So gently.



I feel your kiss

Your finger in my hair

The flutter of your lashes against my cheek

A days worth of beard

On my skin

On my neck.



No prey are you

But like me

Like us




That only Vampires

Like us,

Have with


Like us.



~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman
(who will celebrate her 18th Wedding Anniversary with Teddy on May 3)


Edge of the World

On the edge of the world,

Your warmth hit me like the waves

I fed on you blood and soul

Then looked out upon the waves

The entire world was there

Crashing on the beach

Your arms around me

Wondering if I was cold

And I was only wondering

What was on the other side





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We destroy and help make screaming silence

Encourage your Middle School and High School aged kids, 
always, to express themselves, 
in poetry, words and art.

A poem from a young friend....

The World

The world
The beautiful disaster we are trapped in
We walk the world as a living death
We destroy and help make screaming silence
As wonderful as we are
This world we are destroying
With our safe guns,
Truly false, bitter sweetness
Upside down ways, violently peaceful,
Beautiful flaws we do it's never beenright
Maybe one day  the unborn children can make a change
Be yourself, fix the bad karma, live your life and fix things
as much as you can
Maybe one day it will all be better
Maybe long after you and me
But things can only get worse before they get better

Charlotte Kings Age 12 2012