Strange Strangers on a Full Moon Night (Werewolf Week Continues)

Werewolf Week Continues on!

Strange Strangers on a Full Moon Night

Mars was exceptionally bright in the sky last night. The moon was less than full but still exceptionally bright.

This morning I dropped the kids off to school. Garret’s car is in the shop so mom gets to drive. Anyway, I drop them off behind some temporary classrooms (that have been there for 45 years) because Clara doesn’t want to have to walk by the large group of “Stoners” who hang out every morning at the logical drop off point. So this morning she tells me she over heard one of the Stoners saying “That woman stops and turns around every morning. Weird. I guess she doesn’t want to stay here.” They had no idea I was dropping off kids. Sigh.

So the moon, teens, clueless thoughts… what does that all lead to? It made me think of a distant memory of when my brothers Val, Aaron and I were teens.

Go back to 1873. We lived in a city that had regulairly flooded, burned down, flooded again and survived illness and lawlessness and all sorts of disasters (Sacramento of course.) It was enough to make anyone want to leave, but instead people thrived and it grew. Railroads made kings. Agriculture was starting to boom. It was a city with growing art and culture and the new capitol building was almost finished. But to us it was home and our concerns were not those of adults or even most people. We were teens, comfortable in our own skin, a little less Victorian than most our age, a little more independent than most. My brothers and I lived in a tight knit community of Vampires, part of the Modern Vampire Movement. But you already know that.

One night, under a full moon, my brothers Aaron (age 17), Valentine (age 14) and I (age 13) were taking a stroll along the Sacramento River. We were always out looking for vagrants and activity from any riverboats. We were on the prowl, three well heeled Vampire kids who could use our innocence and charm to get in and out of any situation before our prey ever knew we were there.

With our stomachs full and our dark little souls throughly amused we walked home through a grove of trees on the edge of the riverbank. There we came upon a camp. Two figures were hunched over half a dozen large fish, I believe stripers or maybe steelhead. They grunted and tore at the fish. At first glance we thought they were coyotes or large dogs, but then we realized they were something else.

“Werewolves,” whispered Aaron holding his hand out to signal us to stay still.

We watched in fascination, with a bit of disgust, as the two turned back into their human form – a young man and a young woman. They were about our age and completely naked. He was skinny, unlike my muscular brothers. His skin was pale under the moonlight like the bellies of the fish he’d just devoured. She was also thin with ribs sticking out and knobby joints. Her grayish unhealthy looking skin was covered with red welts. Long dark hair hung below her waist. But what surprised us most was the hairless tail that hung down about 6 inches on the end of her spine.

I elbowed Aaron and he gave me a quick look that said “don’t move.”

“She has a tail,” Val whispered a little too loud. Aaron put his hand over his younger brother’s mouth.

The Werewolves put on their clothes, plain and worn compared to our fashionable togs. We had a home and parents. These two were obviously strays just trying to survive their miserable condition.

Val and I wanted to approach the Werewolves but Aaron was against it. He said we should just let them be and they’d be dead more sooner than later. There was a prominent pack of well-heeled Werewolves in town but we had little to do with them and it was obvious that these strays were not part of their pack.

Occasionally my parents would deal with the Werewolves, but always held them at a distance and with considerable contempt. One thing that stood out about the well to do Werewolves was their fondness for velvet. No kidding. Those Werewolves loved their velvet.

This isn’t going to be a moral story where we went back and helped the young Werewolves. We went back and they were gone. None of our friends had ever seen them. We told our parents about them. In turn they mentioned the strays to the pack leader in town and he had never heard of the young Werewolves.

It was just one of those weird things. Ships that pass in the night.

I asked my friend Adam, who is a Werewolf, about the pair when I stopped by his studio this morning (he is a photographer by trade.) He’d never heard of them. The tail on the girl turned out to be something extremely rare, just like a tail on anyone who is remotely human like.

“Why didn’t you help them?” Of course he had to ask.

“I don’t know. We were just kids. We thought they were dangerous. Beside that, maybe they didn’t need or want help. My parents asked around. Nobody knew anything, or if they did they weren’t telling us about it. I’m talking both Werewolves and Vampires. Nobody knew anything.”

I knew there would be nothing online about them but I after I left Adam I checked anyway. There was nothing.

This story has no moral or reason behind it. Just a story of something that happened a long time ago that I’ll tell my kids about and maybe they can find a moral in it.

It might be a mystery forever. But I have a knack for finding people and things so you never know. You never know about anything, not really.

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman


This was first posted in 2014.


Werewolf Moon

Werewolf Moon

I want you so bad my fangs hurt (and more historically accurate tales of Camelot)

“I want you so bad my fangs hurt.”

I whipped around feeling cold breath on my neck. Smiling behind me was non other than my old boyfriend Pleasant Van Dousen.  Yes, HE is the one I made that meme about. Yes, this one. Even after all these years, more unpleasant memories to want to remember, and the fact that we’re both happily and faithfully married, I still got a little bit of a thrill out of it.

Pleasant Van Dousen, my old beau

Anyway, this isn’t about this. It is about history, and setting the record straight. It is about reunions. It is about sharing experiences. It is about the Knights of the Round Table before you learned it all from Monty Python. It is about old people and how you need to get their stories down and treasure their stories because when they’re gone so is any trace of the history they take with them.

Over the past four months I’ve been in the throes of planning a reunion for the Vampires of my youth (1870’s.) My old friend Amelia, a charming and stylish Vampire now living in Las Vegas, came up and stayed with me for the week. While she was here we stopped by to see the Ancient Vampires Eleora and Tellias.

Apparently we were not the only ones. Pleasant also stopped by. Amelia was even nice to him, something which surprised the jeebers out of me. Stranger things have happened.

We sat on the back porch of the large old Victorian farm house chatting over glasses of iced Poet’s Blood with sprigs of mint and sweet basil. Our hosts Tellias and Eleora are over 2,000 years old but they look like they are nineteen or twenty years old. Tellias wore an old Bob Seager tour shirt from the 1980’s over black tuxedo pants. Eleora was in an old faded sundress made of a print with monkeys and tropical flowers on hit. She’d pinned the straps with safety pins. They both wore yellow flip flops.

We were just chatting about people we used to know, or still know, or want to know better, or want to be rid of. Then Pleasant said, “Tellias, Eleora, I heard recently that you two were close with Merlin, the Wizard in the Court of King Arthur.”

Tellias leaned back in his chair and smiled a sly Vampire smile. “The thing is Pleasant, Merlin wasn’t much of a Wizard. In fact he wasn’t a Wizard at all.”

Pleasant looked surprised, as did the rest of us. “Was he a Vampire, like us?”

“Heaven’s no,” said Tellias. “Merlin was a time traveler. Or maybe still is. He still pops in occasionally, though it has been about sixty years.”

“Sixty five,” said Eleora. “Sixty five long years without a word. No word at all. Not a one.”

“But how…” started Amelia.

Tellias leaned forward and gave all of us a long look. “Technology. He bowled them over with simple technology. You’d be amazed at what folks in the dark ages thought of a man with a simple hand held flash light full of D batteries. Or music coming from a smart phone stuck in a tree.”

“But what about Excalibur?” asked Pleasant. “How did Arthur get the sword out of the stone? Didn’t Merlin have something to do with that?”

“A few sprays of WD40. It was a no brainer,” said Tellias. “You know what else?”

“Pray tell Tellias,” said Pleasant.

“He had a taser, and a laser pointer, and a Zippo lighter. The Knights of the Round Table went nuts. They had no idea they were being fooled by a handsome sleight of hand artist with a seductive voice and skills that would have made Houdini proud.”

“He fooled them with all kinds of things.” said Eleora.

“All kinds of things,” said Tellias.

“A bag full of things we take for granted,” said Eleora.

“Things we take for granted,” said Tellias, “but seemed positively magical in the Dark Ages.”

“Positively magic,” said Eleora.

“But,” said Pleasant, “what about the Lady of the Lake?”

“That was me,” said Eleora with a coquettish grin.

“You know how she loves to swim,” said Tellias. “Can’t keep my gal out of the water. She love to swim.”

“I love it,” said Eleora.

“What about the rest of the Camelot group?” I asked.

“Arthur was a good King, but his personal life was out of control. He was swayed too much on his emotions. He trusted everyone,” said Tellias.

“He was sexy as hell. I have no idea why Guinevere cheated on him so much,” said Eleora.

“She was in an arranged marriage my dear,” said Tellias. “Remember it wasn’t love at first night as it was with us Eleora.”

“Love at first sight. Every single night with you  Tellias is love at first sight,” said Eleora.

Tellias blew her a kiss from across the room and continued, “Guinevere didn’t go to a convent either after her affair with Lancelot.”

“Where’d she go?” Asked Pleasant.

Tellias shrugged his shoulders. “She hooked up with the pilot of the time machine, a guy named Frank. They’re both still out there. Somewhere. I don’t know. I saw them at one of Scott and Zelda’s parties back in the 20’s. Don’t know where they went from there.”

Pleasant looked surprised. “What about Lancelot?”

“Sir Lancelot du Lac, now he was a piece of work. He was worse than Casanova. Couldn’t keep it in his tights. It wasn’t just the queen. He’d see a pretty face, or any half way decent face that was female and he’d go nuts. It didn’t matter if she was married or not,” said Tellias.

“Once Lancelot came up behind me and guess what he said to me,” said Eleora.

“What did he say?” said Pleasant.

“He said I want you so bad my fangs hurt. And that was when he was with Gwen. Yes, he was a Vampire. Tellias and I turned him.”

I was shocked. “You two never told me that. Where is he now?”

“Nowhere,” said Tellias. “He was an unfortunate victim of the Spanish Inquisition.”

“So sad. So sad it was. Positively tragic,” said Eleora.

On that somber note we turned our conversation beck to Time Travelers, old friends, and our plans for the week.

As night turned into dawn we shared hugs and promised we’d be back soon.

On the drive back to my house, while Amelia talked about Merlin’s use of simple technology, I thought about my own past. I thought about how it had always been love at first sight with my  husband Teddy, when I knew what love at first sight was. I thought about all of the Vampire men who’d attempted to take a piece of my heart, along with my body. Then I said, “What are you wearing to the party tonight? I’m going to wear my black dress with the low back.”

Amelia answered, “Color. Juliette you need more color. I’m wearing blue and silver.”

And she did and she was absolutely beautiful, more than any princess or queen who ever lived. Even in Camelot.

Of course, as usual I wore black. I always wear black.

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman

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A Vampire Roommate (Back to School)

Important Dates: August 13 & September 24.
That is when school starts. High school starts first, then college.

We completed back-to-school shopping day with a cart load of supplies, plus Feline Pine cat litter, from Target.

The girl child asked her dad (Teddy) for a pair of Doc Martens. Of course the short classic black boot. Her outfit of choice is a waist long blonde hair, boots, a short black skirt and a band shirt.

The man child said he needs a pair of Bucks and some sweaters. He tells me chicks dig sweaters and professors will take put together students more seriously. He has also been digging through his dad’s things for a “classic watch.” No Apple Watch for my son (I’m so proud of him.) I think Teddy has some nice watches from the 50’s and 60’s he could let go of. I just need to remind Garrett to wind them up.

And speaking of Teddy… Way back, a long time ago, before my husband Teddy was a Vampire, or even knew Vampires existed, he and my brother Max were college roommates. Max was a Vampire. He was, still is, well, an extreme Vampire. We, my Vampire siblings and I had grown up with Teddy. He and Max were (and still are) best friends.

Our parents had come out to California together during the Gold Rush. Teddy’s dad and our dad were business partners. So what if my family seemed a little odd sometimes, it was all good. And like I said, nobody knew we were Vampires. In 1866 the war was over so our parents decided Maxwell and Teddy would benefit from a university education. Nathaniel Chase, as usual, escorted the two seventeen year olds on their ocean voyage, their first trip to the Eastern United States. That is a whole other story.

But Max and Teddy never got into the kind of trouble your Uncle Val and I got into, at least not with Nathaniel Chase. Anyway, to make a short story long, Max and Teddy were roommates.

From here I’ll let Teddy take over the story.


Teddy tells it.

Max and I shared the upper floor of a three story house near the University. We had two bedrooms, a main living area and a small office. No bathroom – not in those days. No kitchen. We had our own entrance that we shared the other third floor resident. We didn’t have the entire floor. There was another room on our floor occupied by a law student called Pierce. We never saw him except at meals, and hardly heard him except when he was practicing speeches.

The second floor was occupied by four upper classmen. All male. There were no coed dorms at that time so women were rarely seen in our spaces.

Downstairs were a couple of rooms with another two law students. A large common room and a dining room occupied most of the bottom floor. Twice a day a middle-aged woman called Mrs. Harris would come with her crew and serve breakfast and dinner.

The dining room table was full at meal times, except for Max who’d usually be sleeping or gone. When he did show up he’d talk a lot but eat very little.

Max started to become more fastidious about his clothing. It became darker but more edgy. Facial hair was the rage among our peers but he was always clean shaven.

In the mornings I’d rise to find Max coming in through the door from his night out. He’d vanish for days, but would always show for classes. On Sundays I’d try to get to church, but never with Max. He’d always be gone or sleeping for a fourteen hour stretch.

Every once in a while he’d bring home a guest.

Usually it would be a woman, but rare occasions it would be a man. That was something I didn’t know about Max. I’d tell him to be careful. He’d shrug. He said he didn’t need to explain anything to me. It was his business. These people would shift in and out without a sound. I’d never know there were there unless I saw them.

On the other hand my friends, who stayed the night, would be hunting for coffee or tea in the morning or something stronger. They’d have messed up hair and sleep on our couch or on top of my covers with their clothes on. To put it bluntly they weren’t there for sex. They just crashed for the night.

One night, unknown to Max, I followed him on one of his trips out. He went down dark ways to bars and places a young man of our standing in society would never go. He went to whore houses and laughed with the madams.

Sometimes he’d go to nicer places. One was the lodgings of a girl I’d seen before. They didn’t seem to care that anyone could see them through the window in passionate embraces.

On his way home, he stopped and turned to face me. “I know you’ve been following me Teddy.”

I said, “Max what would your parent’s think?”

Max gave me on of those amused smiles, with his eyebrows lifted and said, “Dear Theodore, don’t worry about what my parents think. Let’s go home.”

Then Max put his arm around my shoulder and said, “Teddy, you are and always will be my best friend. But you have to understand, I am not like you.” He didn’t say anything else about it and he wouldn’t discuss it.

It was only years later that I understood.


“Max has always been a little different,” said our son Garrett. “I won’t be prowling around bars and whore houses at night.”

“Thank goodness,” I said, then glanced over to Teddy.

“You’re doing fine. Your mom and I raised you to be smart,” said Teddy.

“Max made being a Vampire way too complicated,” said Garrett.

Maybe Max did make things more complicated but it seems to have worked out fine for him. As for the girl in the window, he still sees her sometimes. Pierce the law student is still a good friend. And both Max and Teddy graduated and returned to California.

In the meantime, high school has started for our youngest Clara. So far so good. She got all of her classes and great teachers. I’ll have more on her adventures later.

Tonight we’re meeting Max in San Francisco for a Giant’s game. It will be fun – another great night with a typical modern Vampire family.


~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman