Too HOT to be Annoyed (Vampires and summer are not always a good match)

It is going to be 113 F here in Northern California today. Not a good thing for Vampires (or regular humans). I’m going to try to find a cool dark place for my children and me,  and advise you do the same.

In the meantime I’m sharing a calm and cool image for everyone.

Actually…I’m dealing with back to school stuff, some work deadlines and dealing with the most annoying couple in the world. I swear, they are going to either drive me crazy or I’m send them to the place no good Vampire wants to go.

We have recent converts in the house – otherwise known as New Vampires. Of all the people in the world to have to train. These people should have NEVER been turned into Vampires. Never. Sigh. Maybe they’ll spend too much time in the sun today (he he he) .

So enjoy the photo (Moro Bay State Park) and thanks for letting me vent.


~ Juliette

Vampire Ball Dress…off the shoulder sexy

This might be the dress for the Vampire Masquerade Ball, but it might be for a friend. I like this one a lot!

I think my husband Teddy would like it too.

My other dress sketches are here and here.

So in the happy vampire family, we have visitors coming soon. New vampires who need to be trained. My baby vampire child is turning 13 next week. I promised my son to take him out on a hunt, just the two of us. Changes and stresses, but there will also be great joy and discover, as there always is in the life of a modern vampire mom.

The Vampire

New Vampires need to be trained…but not now. The musings of a busy busy busy Vampire Mom

As if I don’t have enough going on…

All of you moms out there will know exactly why I’m venting.

I was just informed that we’ll be having guests in three weeks. Until then we have a birthday, regional championships for the kids sports events, summer camp pick up and delivery, costumes for the ball and I’m going to be working.

My darling husband Teddy, as you know, used to be a regular human but is now, no fault of his own, a vampire.

The fact that he became a vampire pissed him off to no end, but over the years he has accepted it and become THE Vampire. He is involved in all things vampire in our vampire community.

One of his areas of expertise is training and settling-in of new vampires. So of course, he says “Sure, we’d love to have them!” when a young couple, new to the vampire world, needs to see how normal modern vampires live.

I’d love to do this but not right NOW. Not this exceptionally busy summer. Training new vampires is a lot of work as you all well know.

This is a young couple who had the misfortune of being run off a cliff into the Pacific Ocean, only to be rescued by our friend Al. The old vampire took pity on the young couple who were on their last battered breath and turned them. Come on Al – it was their time – it was not time to be romantic.

Then of course Teddy was called in to pick up the pieces, the shock and horror of the nice young couple. I mean, I don’t see anything wrong with being a vampire, but I’ve been one all my life. But in all honesty, I can’t even imagine one minute having your car fly off of a cliff and the next minute waking up as a different species. Both the emotional toll and physical toll can and will kill most vampire converts within a few weeks.

Oh well. Wish us luck. It will be fun. I’ll talk myself into it. Thank goodness I have such great kids who are pretty much willing to be cool and roll with anything. And at least Teddy can teach them all about vampire cocktails.

~ Juliette

On another note…sometimes I feature poetry on my blog (as well as blogs and works by other creatives). I’m not really a poet but I feel it is important.