Fright Night & New Vampires

Musings on a February Friday…

On Friday nights regular folks traditionally watch scary movies at home or at a theater. Fright Night. Every city has their host or events. In Sacramento it used to be a guy named Bob Wilkins (anyone out there remember him?). Bob would show the most horrible British Vampire movies. He’d also show the Vincent Price movies which were always a treat.

And speaking of ghoulish stories…a while back my kids asked me why people think we (Vampires) live in graveyards, specifically in crypts.

It was for practical purposes. For the most part when someone is turned into a Vampire they die, or at least go through a death like process. Upon coming through the transformation some are so shocked that they “might as well be dead” – as in dead to their former lives.

In this modern age that isn’t always the case. People often become Vampires and live their lives just fine, maybe a little weirdly, but don’t “die” but just sort of fade away and eventually move on. More on that later.

Anyway, back in the old days is was easier to A) not find the body or B) bury someone in a crypt. A crypt is above ground and much easier to escape from than a buried coffin. So that my dears is why people think Vampires live in Crypts. We live in houses. Except for my 6th cousin Donald the New Age Hippy Vampire who lives in a Yert, which is another story for another time.

This brings us back to our dear Cody, the new Vampire. Cody, as you recall became a Vampire last spring when the car his girlfriend (on/off girlfriend) went over a cliff on the Pacific Coast Highway and came crashing down upon the rocks. A Vampire friend rescued them and the only way to keep them from death upon the rocks was to bring them back as Vampires. We’re not sure what happened to the “girlfriend”. She might not have survived the process (I’ll spare you the ugly details of what might or might not have happened – at least for today).

Keep in mind that this is not something that happens all the time. It is as rare as seeing a ghost (not in my case) or … just take my word for it. This rarely happens.

I don’t know the agonizing experience of being transformed into a Vampire or Werewolf. If you’re born that way it seems normal. If you aren’t it is brutal and many don’t survive both physically and mentally. Your very being and everything you know will change. Everything you thought was real is suddenly different.

Cody seems to be doing ok. Unlike the old days, he still sees his family and old friends. He met Vampires before he became one so he doesn’t see us as monsters. He has quit his old job and taken up with a company run by Vampires. But there is an adjustment.

Cody is now hypersensitive to the sun. He needs to get blood. His diet is limited. On the bright side he can now see in the dark. He is learning how to use his “paranormal” abilities, and he looks really cute with fangs. And he’ll heal much faster if he is hurt. Much to my chagrin I think he is falling in love with my great great great grandmother – there again another weird story.

He is having a few issues but I’ve told him that his soul has not been eaten by evil and he is welcomed into our community with open arms.

With all new and unexpected situations we need to be there for those who need our support – even if they don’t ask. Just let them know you are thinking about them – even that is a small comfort.

So I guess the point to this is that we all get through things, or maybe that is not the point. Sometimes even being pointless is ok.

Find comfort in the company of others and help new friends along the way.

Find comfort in the company of others and help new friends along the way.

Dumping someone like this is never a good idea.

Dumping someone like this is never a good idea.

The joys of early morning…

While I can appreciate sleeping in (or in the case of a lot of Vampires going to bed at first dawn), I adore the wee hours of the morning.

This morning I took coffee and the dog down to the park and walked along the trail under the oaks and digger pines. A few dogs barked. I could hear the cars in the distance across the bridge, but what I concentrated on was the birds.

There is no more beautiful music than the songs of hundreds of song birds in the first morning light. I can’t even describe it. Next time I’ll take my phone with me and record it.

We’ve got a busy day ahead…skate practice, shopping for the week, a check on the elders, a birthday party…and maybe end the day with…well, some Vampire business (oh come on guys, remember this IS a Vampire blog – we’re going on a hunt).

Things to DO for everyone:

  • Don’t forget to set your clocks back if you do Daylight Savings Time.
  • Don’t forget to do at least one random act of kindness.
  • Don’t forget to do your reading and cast and INFORMED vote on Tuesday.
  • Call your parents.
  • And never forget to hug your kids and tell them you love them!
  • Tell your mate/husband/wife/partner that you love them too!

~ Juliette

The Wonders of Dusk – Musings of the New Day

This morning, despite the full moon I could see Leo in the sky along with a brilliant Venus. It was as if she was saying “We’re the only ones out here. Within minutes birds started to wake and sing their morning songs. The squirrels  ran and jumped from tree to tree. I saw a deer picking through the dry summer grass on the way down to the creek.

Standing in his usual place was the Ghost. Next to him was his girlfriend with her fiery red curls flowing down her back like a living thing. They we not in their bloody death mode as they often are – looking like they did when their souls left their mangled bodies. They were beautiful and whole. In the dawn the stood forehead to forehead, holding hands, deep in conversation. He was from the 20th century, she from the 16th. I left them alone and sipped my coffee (yes Vampires drink coffee). I don’t care for Ghosts, but I can respect the lost soul aspects of their existence.

Like Vampires, Ghosts aren’t to concerned with age when it comes to falling in love, especially when it is two young people who have been taken out too young by violence and rage.

In the dawn hours I try not to think of that much. I’ve stopped listening to the news so much on the radio during the week. So much strife in the world and way too much politics at home. Too many job losses at home with politicians pointing finger saying “It was the other guy.” Nothing has changed over the centuries nor will it ever. Just when we think we’re entering an enlightened era of great art and science and humanity – it all changes and ignorance and hate once again take the reins.

So I think of fall bulbs, my kids latest school crisis, laughing with friends on a Friday Night. And speaking of Friday night Grimm is back on (of course we love that show).  I started a new book and I have a pile for Fall/Winter reading. I have a house full of people I love but my mornings at dusk, alone is something I savor, to ponder what it all means, or just maybe just savor my own thoughts and think, despite a lot of crap out there “Life is Good.”