The Wonders of Dusk – Musings of the New Day

This morning, despite the full moon I could see Leo in the sky along with a brilliant Venus. It was as if she was saying “We’re the only ones out here. Within minutes birds started to wake and sing their morning songs. The squirrels  ran and jumped from tree to tree. I saw a deer picking through the dry summer grass on the way down to the creek.

Standing in his usual place was the Ghost. Next to him was his girlfriend with her fiery red curls flowing down her back like a living thing. They we not in their bloody death mode as they often are – looking like they did when their souls left their mangled bodies. They were beautiful and whole. In the dawn the stood forehead to forehead, holding hands, deep in conversation. He was from the 20th century, she from the 16th. I left them alone and sipped my coffee (yes Vampires drink coffee). I don’t care for Ghosts, but I can respect the lost soul aspects of their existence.

Like Vampires, Ghosts aren’t to concerned with age when it comes to falling in love, especially when it is two young people who have been taken out too young by violence and rage.

In the dawn hours I try not to think of that much. I’ve stopped listening to the news so much on the radio during the week. So much strife in the world and way too much politics at home. Too many job losses at home with politicians pointing finger saying “It was the other guy.” Nothing has changed over the centuries nor will it ever. Just when we think we’re entering an enlightened era of great art and science and humanity – it all changes and ignorance and hate once again take the reins.

So I think of fall bulbs, my kids latest school crisis, laughing with friends on a Friday Night. And speaking of Friday night Grimm is back on (of course we love that show).  I started a new book and I have a pile for Fall/Winter reading. I have a house full of people I love but my mornings at dusk, alone is something I savor, to ponder what it all means, or just maybe just savor my own thoughts and think, despite a lot of crap out there “Life is Good.”


  1. Hello again Juliette, Ghosts weren’t the only non-humans restless under the full moon. As you can imagine, my family gets a little restless during this phase. I usually try to make myself scarce. One never knows what will happen in a house of werewolves during the full moon. The pup went to his auntie’s. I hope she survived the night, and I had dinner and drinks with a friend. When I returned home, I could see the struggle within my husband to contain his desire to shift. We made plans to head to into the forest today so he could roam freely with the pup, then I went to bed. I know it was well after midnight when he joined me in bed last night. I did not ask this morning why he was awake so late, but I have some ideas.

    1. So glad to see you back Shasta! His journeys into the woods are his own sacred time. So glad you understand him. He must be a truly amazing guy. I can imagine you have a tough journey but I’m sure the passions of your Werewolf man take the edge off (whew, I mean, Werewolves can be, well, hot). Take care and take care of your pups and your man.

  2. Yes! These themes are timeless…and best to leave those who have the stomach for politics to create their own indigestion! Enjoy your quiet coffee. A lovely image; beautiful pictures,

  3. Loving your relaxed way of expression. A tale of supernatural viewings done so casually. Quite inspiring. Best to remove yourself from the repitition of the political game though i find myself frustrated enough to vote for the family i want to see in the white houseand hope for change. i did say Hope. don’t expect promises but wait for them to happen. the rest of the world goes on in the same mess just revolving faces. J.K.

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