Navigating technology (I should just ask my kids to do it for me)

Dear friends,

I’m still learning how to set-up this blog and make it more FUN and friendly for my readers and fellow vampire parents. As with anything to do with technology I SHOULD be asking my kids (12 & 16) to help me with this. Evolution is at work and they seem to be born with the ability to figure out all things to do with computers and technology. It will be my job to teach them the love of art, reading, adventure, gardening and keeping their heads screwed on correctly as they grow into adults.

We can all teach our children but don’t forget how much we can learn from them. So listen and learn. Teach but don’t preach.

Coming soon more articles on school lunches, school dances, and coping as a parent (from another era). Also more on the serious concerns of being a young vampire in the modern world.

Thanks you for visiting Vampire Maman




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