“Dad were you married before?” and other questions from vampire teens…

Last night my son Garrett came into the family room of our home where my husband Teddy and I were playing cards. He had a stern look on his handsome 16 year old face.

“Dad were you married before mom?” Asked the boy.

“No. Why do you ask?” said his father.

“I found this and a bunch of letters.” He held out a photos of a young woman. A very old photo. “She was the one that woman was talking about. Her great great great grandmother. You and her were an item.”

Long story short, a woman named Kathy had contacted Teddy because he had the same name of someone who had once been engaged to her great great great grandmother. She’d met Teddy at his place of business and Garrett had been there as well. Teddy gave her some photos and a fan. I didn’t even know he still had those things, not that it mattered to me, I understand why he kept them. They had a nice visit. Teddy said he was a great great great nephew. Family tree stuff. Garrett wasn’t paying too much attention at the time.

“Lucy and I were engaged, but I became a vampire so we never married.”

“What happened? I mean, why didn’t she become a vampire too?”

“I didn’t even know what one was when I was converted over. She was told I’d died. It was the best thing to do under the circumstances.”

“Do you still love her?”

“She died 80 years ago.”


“I will always have a place for her in my heart. Garrett it isn’t that easy. She had a good life with a man who truly loved her I think more than I ever could. In fact, she married my best friend.”

“I knew her too” I added. “She was very sweet. But she wouldn’t have been a good vampire. She wouldn’t have survived the conversion. Her moral code wouldn’t have allowed it.”

Garrett looked down at the photo, then up at the clock. “I have to get to practice. Can we talk more about this later, I mean if it’s ok with you?”

“Sure,” said Teddy. “You can talk to me about anything, anytime.”

Then Garrett gave us a sly smile. “Her name was Lucy. That’s sort of weird, I mean, think about it.”

“I have”, said Teddy. “Believe me, I have.”

~ Juliette

3 thoughts on ““Dad were you married before?” and other questions from vampire teens…

  1. Lol, cute story and lovely photograph! I’m always telling my husband his neck is so biteable. He cringes when I make a move toward him, always complaining I read too many vampire books. Of course, this is coming from the man who watches all the Underworld movies over and over again.

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