Bored? Fun Summer Reads Coming Soon From Vampire Maman!

Did I mention that vampires love to read – and so do their kids!

So what are your kids reading this summer? What are you reading this summer?

In the next few posts (within the next 48 hours so stay tuned) I’ll be posting YA and kids books from some of my favorite talented indie authors that your kids will be sure to love (and you’ll like them too).

I will also be posting my own personal summer reading list PLUS my favorite summer book of all time.

And I invite you to share your favorite summer reading suggestions for young adults, old adults and everybody in between.

Note: These are not all “vampire books”. Are  you kidding? These books range from fantasy to mystery to romance and yes…there might be a vampire book in there somewhere. I’m still getting the lists together.

So stay tuned and don’t be shy to post your favorite summer reads!


2 thoughts on “Bored? Fun Summer Reads Coming Soon From Vampire Maman!

  1. My favorite read is “Drasmyr” a dark fantasy (with a vampire) novel by… well, me. Okay, maybe I’m not supposed to post my own book, but I have to get publicity somehow. Anyway, it’s kind of a Dracula meets Middle Earth type of story. There’s very little romance in it, but there is lots of suspense and action.


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