Middle School 101 – Life isn’t fair. Brown Nosers, Shallow Geekery and Nepotism

Someone is hating Middle School because a teacher accused her of copying work (which she did not). So now the child wants to quit an activity because of it. Now she says the teacher hates her.  More discussions at home, more being pissed off, more wondering WTF happened with school this year? It was great last year?

Someone is hating Middle School because another teacher favors her own daughter (and daughter’s friends) over the other kids, and tells everyone how they should all be like said daughter (I’m going to have to talk to the school about that).

This is the same teacher who told my daughter that her lovely simple dress was “a bit much” for a dance, while teacher’s daughter dressed like a sloppy boy in cargo shorts and a tee shirt. In fact 98% of the boys dressed better in slacks and shirts with collars. Wait, this is a public school, teachers shouldn’t be terrorizing kids. They should be encouraging them and teaching them. I guess I could be shallow and chalk that one up to  “don’t hate me because I’m beautiful”.

The smartest kids aren’t the ones who jump up and wave their hands “pick me, pick me”.

The smartest kids don’t use big words to impress and show you how smart they are.

The smart kids are the ones who are watching, observing, listening and planning, knowing how one day they’ll be in the real world where nobody is impressed by your vast knowledge of facts and big words and brown-nosing.

For the smart kids are those with vision (and that includes a good sense of fashion and a sense of humor). They are the ones who can engage in a private conversation that revolves around ideas that have nothing to do with school – but with free independent thought.

All kids are smart – they just show it in different ways and no kids should be discounted or overlooked by preconceived notions of how a smart kid should act.

Feeling like one is being treated unfairly is real and a real lesson in life. Unfortunately is happens and it happens too often. For most kids it will make them tough and they’ll learn from it.


One thought on “Middle School 101 – Life isn’t fair. Brown Nosers, Shallow Geekery and Nepotism

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