Vampire Maman’s Recommendations for Parenting Books

When it comes to parenting books – well, let’s just say I’m not a big fan of them. Most are over the top extreme pretentious self-serving views of parenting. There are some who think children should be let to roam free like wild dogs and do whatever they want – for they know best. The parents who take these books at heart are the ones who say “Now honey, don’t do that” in a soft whiny voice as the child throws a 100-year-old vase at a playmate, or screams in public over and over and over for no reason, or stabs it’s classmate with a pencil.

Then there are the books that teach almost beating one’s child into perfection and belittling them until they become masses of factoids and so little personality, their one goal in life to feed their parent’s over sized ego and get into every Ivy League school.

Then there are the rest of us who don’t read or write that crap. 

One never knows who they are bringing home from the hospital (or whatever for the homebirthers). All kids are different. All families are different.

You know my stand on parenting:

  • Love your children.
  • Love their dad.
  • Teach your children to respect others.
  • Put their education first.
  • Respect them as individuals.
  • Guide them and monitor them.
  • Teach them that reputation is everything.
  • Let them fly and be independent but guide them.
  • Don’t let them hang with bad kids who are bad influences.
  • Love them.

And the list goes on, but my point is, that most parenting books suck.

There ARE a zillion good parenting  BLOGS and I’ve read a lot of good articles.

Then I thought about featuring good parents in fiction, but most parents in fiction are AWFUL, except maybe Ma in the “Little House on the Prairie” books by Laura Ingalls Wilder. There are others, but I have to go to my mom’s birthday this afternoon and don’t have time to research.

I should do a bad mom in fiction list but it would go on for hundreds of pages – if you have any suggestions let me know and we can all work on it together.

So needless to say I have TWO books I recommend for Parenting.

Life Among the Savages by Shirley Jackson (she is brilliant)

What to Expect The First Year

The first one made me laugh for years. The second one was sort of my bible when my kids were babies. Of course I didn’t agree with everything in the book (just like I don’t agree on everything in the Bible) but there was a lot of good practical stuff for the first time mom. 

And that’s it. I love to read funny stories about kids and parents. I love inspirational family stories. I love to see so many great parents and parents doing a good job. So continue your good job and don’t let all of those foolish books clog up your brain.

Remember, love, guide, parent, respect and have fun with your kids! 


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