A Vampire Muses on Cats

My friend and I are nocturnal beings – but from time to time we venture into the light.

We’re also both predators but that isn’t why I keep company with cats.

I can’t explain the attraction. They purr. Need I say more. They’re soft and funny and unlike dogs, they’ve got a mind of their own. And like most Vampires, they feel no guilt or shame about who and what they are. And like Vampires they watch. Simply watch.

They are perfect in almost every way. I love my sweet and soft and crazy and lovely feline friends.
I also strongly believe that all children need pets. Sometimes that isn’t possible, but when it is, nothing is better!

And as always, don’t forget to bring you cat inside on Halloween night!

If you don’t like cats then just get yourself a box of possums.

5 thoughts on “A Vampire Muses on Cats

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