Packages and Friends – check what is on the inside…

Some parents aren’t careful about who their kids have for friends. They say it is “my child’s choice, not mine”. Bull Crap!

From an early age I’ve been careful and selective of my children’s friends. I’ve gently guided them. I’ve said “NO you are not hanging out with that BRAT ever again.”

I’ve told my child how valuable their reputations are and reputations hinge on who they associate with.

Call me a snob. I really don’t care what you think of me (anyway, I’m a Vampire so whatever). What I DO care about is my children and their safety and future. Go through my old posts and you’ll find many many better written entries about friendship, tolerance, standing up for the down trodden, making good choices and about families – different kinds of friends and families. 

That said…there are few Vampires around for my ultra social kids to hang out with so some of their friends are other kinds of people…not like us.

That does not mean they aren’t good people – just a little different.

Just like “Don’t hang with idiots” has been a mantra of mine, the other more important one has been “ALL FAMILIES ARE DIFFERENT”. You have to respect THAT – because good people come in all sorts of configurations.

My brother Max (the great Vampire hero) was shocked to find my son hanging out with Kyle. Kyle is a werewolf. He is a mild mannered 15 year old who lives around the corner.

Max gave me a grim look “But you were attacked by a werewolf less than a year ago.”

“A misunderstanding between friends.” I said gently. “Besides, your best friend was a regular human remember?”

“That was different.”

“No it wasn’t. They’re a lot the same. Both are great kids who do well in school. They’re nice and polite. They respect others. They’re funny when some big glaring Vampire isn’t looking over their shoulders. And they’re always interesting. They also have great parents who I like and respect. I swear Max, the world would be a boring place if everyone was a Vampire.”

What I need to explain was that growing up Max and my husband Teddy were best friends. They still are. Only Teddy wasn’t a Vampire back then – not until he was 26 (save that horrible story for another day).

I guess there isn’t much more to this story except that friends are like presents. It isn’t the packaging – it is what is inside!


~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman


  1. So far my son hasn’t had any friends I don’t like. But he is only 9. I have certainly steered him away from kids that seemed like trouble to me, and at this stage since I’m the one who makes the plans and drives the car.

    My main requirement isn’t about money or religion or politics, but if some child makes a cruel comment about dogs (I overheard a kid laughing about kicking a dog and that kid is off the list forever as far as I’m concerned), then I tell my son to keep his distance from that person. Fortunately my child is very picky about people and only likes other nice kids.

    1. We had some lessons early on with some bad kids (around ages 6-8). Now I absolutely love the friends and their parents! But I’ve seen so many families torn apart by bad friendship choices be it who the teens hang with to who mom is dating. Sigh. Open up your eyes folks and realize when it all comes down to it those friends won’t be there. But good for you about nixing the kid who didn’t respect animals. I would have flipped and taken that kid off of my list forever too.

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